thus is not an imagine so I was on kik and my cousin's sent a pic of Justin in his bathroom lifting up his shirt but they photoshopped it by putting a big penis in the coner and they sat laughing at it and I was crying while they were laughing because it hurts to know that they don't respect who I like and I respect who they like my one cousin likes nicki minaj my other likes iggy and I respect them and I hate it when my cousin's do that and Justin goes though everything and he trying but idk how I can help anymore I try to defend him but I just fail because they just keep on doing and I just don't know anymore and I'm here for Justin 24/7  I need here for 24/7 to I'm trying not to cry but the tears just keep over flowing it just hurts to know that every body is hurting us and he is the best thing that ever happen to me and they're ruining him

I'm sorry if my last imagine was ass I was in a rush and I promise the next one will be better vote comment follow me on instagram @kidbizzle1994 and twitter @QuanasiaT

bye..  :'(