Crazy pt.1

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"Kim Namjoon, quit trying to eat you foot!"

"Kim Taehyung, if I have to speak with you one more time about drawing on the walls, I will put you on time out!"



Seokjin could practically feel the grey hair grow. It hasn't been more than an hour and things were already starting get crazy.

The power of the Kims, is what Seokjin calls it.

"Appa!!" Namjoon exclaimed. Seokjin let a deep sigh, "coming!" He forced himself away from the cooking food and went to the living room. He found Taehyung cuddling with Namjoon quite closely. Namjoon's hands stretched out towards him.

Seokjin pulled the little away from Taehyung and placed him on his lap. Taehyung pouted, but quickly began distracted when he saw a toy to play with. Namjoon buried his face in his caregiver's neck.

"What's wrong, sunshine." Seokjin asked as he began to sway a little. Namjoon mumbled something that Seokjin couldn't hear.

"Say that again? I couldn't hear you baby." Seokjin said. Namjoon lifted his head up slightly and whispered, "mi'ky."

Seokjin immediately understood what his little was saying. He walked to the kitchen and preceded to warm up some milk. When the milk was done, the caregiver placed Namjoon on a high chair and gave him the bottle. The little gladly took it and began drinking.


The food was all done and Seokjin had Taehyung and Namjoon at the table. Taehyung wanted to sit on Seokjin's lap so the caregiver had no choice, but to place Taehyung on his lap.

Eating was a slight mess: Taehyung was a very messy eater, Namjoon wanted to be fed, Taehyung wouldn't stop wiggling around and almost dropped a glass of water, Namjoon wouldn't stop playing with his food and had almost dropped a plate.

Seokjin was so glad dinner was done after. He had a lot to the clean. He first picked up both littles and walked to the bathroom to give them a bath. The bath itself was a huge mess. Taehyung didn't want to take a bath alone and wanted Seokjin to come in as well.

After crying and getting the bathroom all wet from Taehyung, Seokjin had no choice but to get it. Since he couldn't fit, the caregiver placed Namjoon on his lap.

He washed the two quickly and dried them up when they were done. He grabbed two onesies for them and changed them into it. The caregiver gave them pacifiers and carried them back to the living room.

Luckily, the two littles were calm and quietly played with the toys silently. Seokjin smiled and leaned down to give them both kisses. He sat down on the couches and picked out a book to read.

Maybe things won't be so bad after all?


Short chapter, I know. But, I really wanted to update!!

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