Emtional pt.1

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"Seokjin-Hyung? I-I think you should come over. It's urgent." Hoseok voice mailed worriedly. In the background, crying could be heard and another voice trying to come him down.

How it all started: seokjin had to go to a doctor's appointment, but he couldn't take Namjoon with him. So, he asked Hoseok and Yoongi to watch over the little. The two gladly complied. But, things didn't work out as they thought. As soon as Namjoon woke up, he began to cry when he didn't find his daddy any where. He's been crying since then. Hoseok and Yoongi have done everything, but nothing seemed to work.

Suddenly, the crying stopped. Hoseok widened his eyes and quickly walked to the living room. He found Yoongi hugging Namjoon and singing a lullaby under his breath. Hoseok couldn't help, but coo at the sight. Yoongi looked over at him and motioned for for him to come over.

When Hoseok was close enough, Yoongi whispered, "I think he's asleep."

"I think so too." Hoseok whispered back. Hoseok carefully picked up the sleeping little and gently placed it on the couch. He placed a blanket over it and gave him a kiss on the forehead before walking over to Yoongi.

As soon as Hoseok neared Yoongi, he suddenly heard whimpers. He immediately turned around and found Namjoon making grabbing hands towards him and whimpering softly. Hoseok quickly went to his side and whispered soothing words to calm him down.

Hoseok had no choice, but to stay by Namjoon's side or else the little world cry again.

"I wonder why Namjoon is so emotional. I hope nothing happened." Hoseok said worriedly as he wiped a tear away. Yoongi crawled over to the two and hummed in agreement.



This chapter was short, but I'll be posting more so🥰



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