Killing me

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"Min Yoongi! Come back here!"

The hyper little let out a giggle as his tired caregiver chased him around the house. You'd expect Yoongi to be tired after what happened yesterday, but no he was the complete opposite. He was completely hyper and could not stop jumping around.

Hoseok was starting to get so tired after chasing him for so long. He took a moment to sit down before running after him again.

"Yoongi! Come here or no kisses for a week!" Hoseok empty threatens. Yoongi suddenly stopped running, making Hoseok crash into him. The two fall on the ground. Hoseok on top of Yoongi.

"Now, no more running around. Okay?" Hoseok says gently while looking straight into Yoongi's eyes. The little immediately nods and wraps his hands around his caregiver's neck. Hoseok lets out a sigh and smiles.

"You're so beautiful." Hoseok whispers as he buries his hand in the littles neck. Leaving light kisses every now and then. Yoongi lets out a giggle.

"You pwetty too!" The little Yoongi exclaims with a giggle. Hoseok laughs out, "thank you, pumpkin." They suddenly hear someone clear their throat. They look up to find Jimin looking at them with a questionable face.

"Sorry, am I disturbing anything?" Jimin laughed. Jungkook and Taehyung behind him while laughing. Hoseok only shook his head and got up. He gently pulled Yoongi up with him, placing him on his lap as his stood up.

"No, nothing at all." Hoseok smiled. They walked to the the living room and all sat down. Yoongi was immediately picked up by Jungkook, who was in his big space while Taehyung was in little space. Hoseok and Jimin watched from the side as the three played with each other.

"What brings you here?" Hoseok asked as he leaned back. Jimin sighed, "I was originally going to go to Seokjin-Hyung's house, but I felt that after what happened yesterday, I should give them a little space. Seokjin looked for broken when he realized that Namjoon was missing." Hoseok nodded in understanding.

"I see you what you mean. We were all worried, but it was clear how much Jin-Hyung blamed himself."

"Let's just hope Namjoon's little side isn't too traumatized or anything." Jimin said. Hoseok hummed in agreement as he turned his attention back to the littles playing.


In the dark dorm, the lights were all out. Curtains closed to block out everything from outside. There was nothing, but silence that rang through the dark walls.

In a room, there lay two silhouettes tangled up with each other. But, they were not asleep; they were wide awake.

Soft noise could be heard in the silence, soft touches could be felt in the darkness. The bed creeks as they moved softly, the bed dips every now and then.

They were happy, they were content, they were in love.

Oh, how their love was strong.


Man, this the shortest chapter! I am so sorry!

I hope you love it though!

Remember when I said there will be some sexual scenes, this would be one of them. But, I put VERY little detail so you guys don't have to worry to much!!

I might put more scenes like this in the future if you guys loved it!


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