The weird nerd next door

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Okay so I'm impatient so sorry if this chapter is rushed lol


After that incident with the tall boy, at that point, everyone completely avoided Namjoon like he was the plague himself. Namjoon didn't notice anything, but he, however, thought that the "witches" and this "cured and deceived" school had finally captured his inner peace and cursed him with a bad spirit.

Namjoon made sure to completely ignore everyone and not make any contact with humans or animals and skipped a whole week of school. He contacted what he calls a "Dark spirit dealer" (which is probably a priest or someone) and told them to "cleanse his dirty and cursed soul."

The person looked completely confused. They tried reasoning with Namjoon and telling him that he does not have a dark spirit in his soul, but Namjoon kept insisting. In the end, Namjoon spent the rest of the week spraying "holy spray" in his house and babbling complete utter nonsense.

When Namjoon actually returned back to school, he had a ton of work to do and make up. But, he didn't mind at all.

Back to reality, Namjoon is currently in class with his head up high and his chair tucked in perfectly while listening to every little think the teacher has to say. In the middle of the lesson, he suddenly felt something hit him. He looked down to see a crumbled paper. He bent down to pick it up.

He unfolded it. It said—

"Hello! We would like to invite you to eat with us at lunch! If you agree to this, meet us at the bathroom. If you don't, then I'll be sad :( T3T. So please choose yes :) if you choose yes, then I'll give all my chocolate and I'll give my favorite shoe (it's SUPER special! <:-0) Please choose yes :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)"

Namjoon grinned and blushed happily. 'I got invited to eat with someone!!' He thought happily. He folded the paper neatly and placed it his

He couldn't wait, he was so happy!

After a few more blocks, it was finally lunch. Namjoon couldn't stop smiling and thinking about the note. He wonders who had gave it to him. He was so happy!

All the time, he'd have to eat alone since no one wanted to eat with the "Psycho loner nerd". But, in all honesty, Namjoon didn't mind eating alone. He'd secretly bring his stuffies to so they could eat with him.

As Namjoon neared the bathroom, he found a guy waiting there. He walked over to him and lightly tapped his shoulder. The guy looked at him and smiled, he had a box-type of smile; it was cute. "So you did come after all!! Yay!" The guy exclaimed in happiness and hugged Namjoon. Although the guy looked soft, he had a deep voice, but even his voice sound soft and soothing like.

Namjoon smiled and nodded, "You must be the one who gave me the note! I'm so happy that you invited me! I've never been invited before." The guy smiled and pulled away. He took a hand, "hello! My names Taehyung! But, you can call me Tae or Tae-Tae! You must be Namjoon, right?" Namjoon nodded and shook his hand, "Yup! It's nice to meet you Tae-tae! And yes, I am Namjoon!"

The two began making their way towards the lunch room. They had gotten close by the time they arrived. Namjoon learned that Taehyung is 22 and is dating 2 people currently (he's in a polymore relationship). Taehyung learned that Namjoon is 23 and is as single as an Unicellular organism. Though, Taehyung had no clue what that meant, but he nodded anyway.

"Well then if your an Unicellular organism, then I'm a Multicellular Organism!" Taehyung said. They both laughed. Once they reached the lunch room, Namjoon let Taehyung lead him to his table. When they neared the table, Namjoon spot 5 other guys.

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