Flight 2

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Namjoon let out a sigh and leaned back against the velvet colored seat. They've been in the air for 2 hours now and Namjoon was very much bored at this point. With the only options being: watching a movie, reading a book, playing with your fingers, and daydreaming, Namjoon would rather be playing with his Hyung more.

Seokjin wasn't really doing much either. He found himself grabbing a random book and trying to entertain himself.

"Hyung," Namjoon whined quietly, "can you pway with me?" Seokjin hummed in response and looked up from his book. He smiled and reached to squish the younger's cheeks.

"Awe you're so cute!" Seokjin cooed in a baby voice. Namjoon pouted and couldn't help, but laugh too. He swatted Seokjin's hands away and rubbed his, now, sore cheek with a smile.

"Will you play with me, Hyung?" Namjoon asked eagerly. Seokjin began to think and think and think. Namjoon pouted.

"Please?" Seokjin continued to think.

"Pretty please?" He was still thinking.

"Fine. I promise to clean after myself every time I clean." Namjoon sighed.

"Oh! Why of course! I'm glad you asked my little Joonie!" Seokjin smiled and squished Namjoon's cheeks again. Namjoon only sighed and rubbed his sore cheeks again.

The two did end of playing, but the playing turned out to be kisses more then actually playing around. In the middle of one of their kissing, they had to be interrupted by a staff because the plane was almost landing. The situation was quite awkward actually.

"Where're we going to again?" Namjoon asked as he strapped in. Seokjin strapped in next to him.

"We're landing in Japan I think." Seokjin answered as he checked the paper. Namjoon nodded. He grabbed Seokjin's hand and intertwined it with him. Seokjin looked at their fingers and then as Namjoon with a smile with a squeeze to their fingers.



I know this was short, but I had to post sooner or later!!




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