Let's Play!

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By the end of the week, Namjoon had gotten over 10 visits from the littles. His house was like a playground for the littles so they would always want to come over and play. Although Namjoon didn't mind the company, he found it very hard to control his little space.

He found himself using the bathroom every once an awhile, trying to get himself to control his little space. He still was very hesitant in telling them. Namjoon was worried that if he told them, they'd get annoyed and not want him anymore cause they already had enough littles to care of. But Namjoon had to force himself to shake that thought away.

The caregivers absolutely adored their littles, they were as whipped as whipped cream!!

Whipped as whipped cream?!

Namjoon shook his head in disappointment. God, he can do better than that! That's terrible!

Although Hoseok and Jimin were easy to understand, Namjoon was still trying to decipher Seokjin like he was some important code! Namjoon just couldn't figure out Seokjin no matter how hard he tried—and he tried!

Seokjin was a mystery that Namjoon wanted to solve, he wanted to be able to look at Seokjin and say "Oh that's Seokjin!" But no, Namjoon had trouble doing that. The thing is at one moment, you'll find Seokjin looking all dangerous and mysterious, but the next thing you know Seokjin is laughing and making the worst jokes/puns ever!!

It was driving Namjoon nuts. How does one act all serious, yet then act so child-like too?! Namjoon had spent most of his time practically stalking Seokjin and trying to figure him out in some way.

"Joonie!!" Someone yelled. Namjoon looked up to find Yoongi running to him and jumping into a his lap with a smile. Namjoon smiled back and placed his hands on the littles waist. "Yes?" He asked.

"Wanna play!" Yoongi exclaimed happily. Namjoon only laughed and nodded. Yoongi dragged him to Namjoon's room where a toy teapots and a small pink table was placed. Yoongi was wearing one of the Hoseok's big sweater and a diaper.

Yoongi pulled Namjoon to one side of the table while he sat on the other side. They began playing. Namjoon was trying so hard not to regress.

Now that the littles are constantly over, Namjoon isn't able to go into his headspace more often. He normally goes into it almost everyday after school. Namjoon has been feeling sick almost lately. He doesn't know why though.

"Joonie!! Pay attention to me!!" Yoongi exclaimed. Namjoon laughed and quickly averted his attention to Yoongi. It was no lie that Yoongi loved getting attention, although he was bunch different when he was in big space, he really wanted all the attention in his headspace.


After a few more hours, Hoseok came to pick up Yoongi. Hoseok has dance practice every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday along with Jimin. But today, Jimin and his littles had to go for a doctor appointment so the littles couldn't come.

"Hello Namjoon! Sorry for being late!" Hoseok said while chuckling. Namjoon only shook his with a laugh, "Oh no trouble! You were actually just on time!"

Hoseok smiled and walked over to Yoongi, "Hey, Yoonie! How are you?" Hoseok asked softly. Yoongi only ran to him and hugged him tightly. "Dada!!" Yoongi said while showing his gummy smile. Namjoon smiled at them gently.

Hoseok picked up his little and turned towards Namjoon with a smile. "Thank you so much! You don't know how much I'm grateful for your help!" Hoseok said. Namjoon laughed lightly, "It's fun taking cate of Yoongi!"

"Well I have to go! See you at school!" Hoseok waved then walked away. Namjoon waved back and closed the door. He leaned against the door while taking deep breath.

"Finally I can regress." And with that he quickly ran back to his room and changed to his pajamas. He wore shorts and a sweater.

He ran back to his living room and began playing with all the toys. Namjoon immediately regressed to his head space. He babbled away—to deep into his headspace to notice the world around him.

He was happy he could finally regress, be in his head space. He played and played all afternoon.


After a few hours of not stop playing, Namjoon began to feel hungry. He looked up in distress, "NamNam hungwy!....hungwy....food..." he mumbled as he continued his search for food. But sadly, big Namjoon forgot to prepare food. Now NamNam was sad.

Namjoon pouted as he collapsed on his bum when he failed to find any food. He looked down in slight tears, "No food?...b-bu' NamNam is..H-Hu'gwy." He bottom lip wobbled as he tested up.

"A-Appa! E-eomma! N-NamNam m-misses 'ou!" Namjoon cried out in tears. He hadn't felt this sad and alone, why is he acting like this? Namjoon's never been this sad over Appa and Eomma.

Maybe babysitting Yoongi, Jimin, and Jungkook set off a sudden feeling he's never felt before—He doesn't like it. Maybe that feeling is jealously?


The next morning, When Namjoon wakes up, he finds himself on ground with tear stains. He frowns. "Oh NamNam.." he mumbles to himself, "How I wish you could be happy.."

Most people would find this strange, but it's almost as if Namjoon and NamNam are two different people in one body. Although it probably seems like it, Namjoon have always pitied his little side.

It was sorta like Namjoon had two different sides in his brain; One for Namjoon and one for NamNam. Namjoon didn't feel sad whenever he saw littles with their caregivers, but his little side would always get upset. After waking up from his regressions, Namjoon would always take the time to the time to go soft for his little side and comfort him sorta.

Like it said, it was almost like Namjoon had two sides in his brain; the Namjoon side and the little side. But, the only difference is the little Namjoon had already broken his wings, only one feather remained—how long will it last until it breaks apart and nothing is left?

"It's alright NamNam," Namjoon whispered gently, "We'll find the perfect Caregiver for your. I'll make sure of it."

In the dark, NamNam stays hidden and curled up, 'I wan' ma' a-appa, p-pwease.'


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