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A lot has been happening these days, and far to much for Namjoon to keep track of. For one, Hoseok and Yoongi were pretty supportive about Jimin's headspace and had also volunteered to take care of him as well. Namjoon was pretty happy about Jimin's headspace, but he was also a bit skeptic about it.

A couple of questions lingered in his brain that he just could get the answer to: how long as Jimin been keeping his headspace a secret? What will happen now? Were the other caregivers secretly littles too?!

Either way, Namjoon was full support and his little side was pretty ecstatic about a new little to play with.

Speaking of his little side, Namjoon has been greatly content lately. Now that he has a caregiver, he doesn't need to keep his headspace hidden anymore and is aloud to freely go in whenever he wants to—even in public!

Although, everything was pretty good. One thing—or event—that had happened is getting Namjoon's brain all rattled up!

That one event was the time he and Seokjin had kissed. Now, Namjoon doesn't have experience in dating all the much. To be honest, he's never dated, kissed, or even hugged anyone! Well, besides his parent.

Being in a relationship was like signing up to join a cult!—is how Namjoon's sees dating as. His mother had reminded him multiple times that no matter who he dates (well to be honest, Namjoon sees that statement as a lie. He can just imagine his mom and his lover sitting together with an uncomfortable tension in air whilst his mom asks his lover some very uncomfortable questions), what his sexuality is, etc. His mom will support him till the end.

Namjoon had literally taken that statement to heart as he was a child when his mom first informed him; and when I mean taken to heart, I mean 3-year-old Namjoon walking up to his mom one day with his favorite Ryan stuffy and telling her "mama, meet my boyfwiend, Sir Wyan the Twird! He's vewy nice!"

Namjoon could still slightly remember his mothers reaction, choked up and looked uncomfortably sickly. His 3 year-old self believed his mama was dying so he raised his "boyfriend" and said a quiet, "...pooosh..." and placed his stuffy back next to him. He concluded that his "poosh" will heal his mama.

After that event, his mother reminded herself to be more descriptive about the things she says.

The kiss hadn't happened or mentioned since then and Namjoon is low key wanting to kiss Seokjin again. The feeling when he kissed him just made him to go back to kiss him more. It's was strange.

"Joonie.." Someone said. Namjoon snapped out of his thoughts and looked up to find Seokjin looking worriedly at him. "Is everything alright?" He asked. Namjoon nodded, "Yup! Everything's fine, Hyung." Seokjin smiled.

"Well that's good! Now come on! We're going to be late for school!" Seokjin exclaimed. Namjoon nodded. He hasn't been in the mood for school lately. He just wished the holidays could come so he doesn't have to go to school for at least a week or two!

As soon as they walked in, Namjoon could feel Seokjin's aurora change into something dark. Namjoon new Seokjin a scary vide in school, but being next to him was even scarier!

Namjoon felt Seokjin place a hand on his waist and pulled him closer to the older. The younger flushed pink.

School's going to be interesting alright.


As soon as Namjoon made got to his locker, he could already feel eyes lock to his back. The entire school day was filled with stares and stares and more stares and even more stares!

It made Namjoon want to turn invisible! He didn't like attention at all. Namjoon was big introvert. "Namjoon..." someone whispered in Namjoon's ear. Namjoon immediately turned around to find Jackson, his friend. His face turned into a smile.

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