Flight 1

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"Hyungie!" Namjoon whined as he stomped his feet like a child. Seokjin sighed as he looked over his plane ticket once more. They were at the airport waiting for their plane to be called.

Namjoon, however, wanted his caregiver's attention; All his attention. Seokjin tried to give the needy little his attention, but he was also too busy with the plane flight.

Namjoon pouted furiously and glared at Seokjin. He sat down next to his caregiver with much emotion. The older sighed,

"Joonie," he sighed, "I'll give you all my attention, I promise!" Namjoon looked at him through his eye lashes. He shyly lift up his pinky.

"Pwomise?" He whispered. Seokjin smiled and linked their pinkies. Namjoon looked up and smiled. Seokjin sighed in relief.


The ride to actually going on the plane was a lot more difficult then Seokjin had imagined. On top of it all, Namjoon wasn't much of help either. Considering how needy and clingy Namjoon had been lately, you could say things weren't easy for Seokjin.

But, the worst part of this whole thing, was when Seokjin found out that there was a private plane waiting for him. He could almost feel himself slowly melting away in exhaustion. Namjoon only continued mindlessly sucking on his lollipop as he watched his caregiver slowly melt away.

As they were seated on the private plane, Seokjin reminded himself to permanently kill Park Jimin.


"Okie!" Hoseok exclaimed as he smiled. His bags were all packed, his dorm was all cleaned, and his lovely boyfriend was all dressed and ready to go as well. Yoongi was currently on his hip sleeping. His head on Hoseok's shoulder and letting out soft puffs.

Yup, Hoseok was ready.

He grabbed his suitcase and walked to the door. He closed the lights to his dorm and locked the door behind him. When he got to his car, Hoseok gently placed Yoongi in the passengers seat and walked to the trunk to put the suitcase in.

When he done all that, Hoseok walked to the front and got in the car. He started the car. The two were already on their trip and going to post them in p their next destination. They were currently on in Seoul and going to Gwangju.

Jimin had planned out the whole trip and even paid for everything. Hoseok felt immediate guilt and soon planned to kill his overly-friendly best friend after this trip was over.

No best friend of his is going to plan out an entire world trip and even pay for everything! Not to mention not getting paid back! That's a big no-no!


Jimin let out a hum of content as he folded clothings in his suit case. Taehyung and Jungkook were both in their rooms packing their things as well.

So, maybe Jimin knew that he was being very sneaky! And maybe he knew that when the whole trip is over, he's going to get killed. But, to be honest, he really didn't care.

They needed this trip and he was going to give them the trip. Jimin zipped up his suitcase after packing everything and stood up. He walked out the room and into Jungkook's room, who was busy contemplating between two whites shirts. Jimin let out a sigh.

"Kookie~" Jimin sang as he wrapped his arms around the young man. Kookie let out a gasp of surprise before relaxing when he realized it was only Jimin.

"Jimin-ah, which one do you think I should get?" Jungkook asked. Jimin gasped and let out a giggle at Jungkook calling him "Jimin-ah". But, he didn't bother correcting him.

"They both look the same though!" Jimin let out a squeaky laugh. Jungkook playfully rolled his eyes.

"No they aren't! See! This is one is darker than this one!" Jungkook pouted as he pointed at the white shirt. Jimin only continued laughing.

"Alright alright! I like that one!" Jimin said pointing at the right one. Jungkook smiled and nodded. He placed the other one in the closet. He folded the white shirt and placed it in the suitcase. Jimin continued wrapping his arms around the boy whilst admiring him lovingly. He leaned up and gave the younger a peck on the cheeks before walking out. The young caregiver walked to Taehyung's room and found the boy sitting on the floor criss-cross and folding clothes.

Jimin walked over to him and plopped himself next to him. He leaned in and gave the younger a peck before resting his head on his shoulder.

"You almost done?" Jimin asked.

"Think so," Taehyung answered, "what about you?" Jimin smiled.

"I'm all set!" Jimin giggled. Taehyung smiled and gave the older a kiss. Jimin wrapped his arms around Taehyung's neck and climbed on his lap. He pulled him closer.

"You know," Taehyung's raspy breathless voice began, "the boys are going to kill you." He immediately went back to kissing after. Jimin let out a breathless laugh.

"Yea," he breathlessly whispered, "I know."



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