Let's be soul mates!

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Namjoon could not stop jumping up and down; he was so excited for the afternoon to come so he can meet up with his new friends.


Namjoon stopped jumping, he thought about. 'Are they my friends? Should I call them my friends?' Namjoon thought to himself. He couldn't decided whether they were his friends or just people. But either way, it was all very new to Namjoon.

When the time came, Namjoon decided to wear an oversized yellow sweater. He didn't feel like wearing any tight pants so he decided to wear an oversized pink and white sweater with pink knee high socks and pink shorts.

When he was done getting ready, he checked himself out one of more time before grabbing some money and walking out. He felt like those white girls in those really cliche heterosexual fanfics. Namjoon has seen the horror and cringe—and yes he does regret being so fascinated by it and ever thinking—and I quoted—"oh wow! This is amazing! This is some real JK Rowling shit over here!!" Namjoon shook his head and let out a sigh in embarrassment. He couldn't believe he actually thought something like that.

As he neared the place, he spotted the other guys, who were waving at him. He smiled and waved, but when he saw Yoongi, he gasped and froze. Namjoon pat his pockets with his eyes wide. "I forgot Yoongi's phone!!" He exclaimed. He suddenly ran back to his house. Leaving the boys completely confused.

Namjoon opened his door quickly and searched the house for the phone. When he couldn't find it, he sighed and ran a hand through his hair in stress. "Aish! How do I loose something so important?!" He exclaimed. But, as he took a set back, he suddenly stepped on something. He gasped and picked up his leg to fine the iPhone!

He immediately picked it up and kisses it over and over again. "Oh thank goodness!! I thought I lost you Forever!" Namjoon gasped. He checked it for any cracks, but luckily he found none. He sighed in relief.

"Hey namjoon! Are you alright?" Namjoon suddenly heard someone ask. He turned around and found the other guys standing by his door worriedly. Namjoon nodded with a smile. "Yup!" He said while placing his phone in his back pocket secretly. "You just ran away so we thought we should check up on you just in case." Hoseok said.

Namjoon nodded. "Well I'm fine, do you want to go back?" Namjoon asked. "Actually, can we stay here? Your house is so cool and colorful!" Jimin said while looking around in pure amazement. The others agreed. Namjoon widened his eyes when he realized that they were in his house. His house was very colorful and had drawings, Stuffies, figurines, the color of the walls were all in bright colors,  his walls were decorated in different designs, he had a bunch of baby stuff lying around everywhere....


Namjoon widened his eyes, but it was too late. "Hey nam-nam, what's with all of this baby supplies? It's everywhere!" Taehyung asked while picking up a whole box of baby supplies which consisted of diapers, pacifiers, and baby toys.

Namjoon gasped and quickly tried to make up a good excuse. He laughed lightly, "I-I..um...I babysit!" Namjoon answered. The boys raised their eyebrows. "You...babysit?" Yoongi said while looking at Namjoon suspiciously. Namjoon nodded nervously. "Yup! But I forgot to clean up..." Namjoon nervously chuckled.

He couldn't possibly tell them about his little space, they'll probably think he's a complete weirdo and leave him—and he doesn't want them to leave him. He's tried to many times to get friends and this was his only chance! He will not ruin it!

Suddenly, he heard someone gasp. He looked up to find Taehyung staring at one of the pacifiers in pure amazement. He was holding one of Namjoon's stuff animals, but dropped it and ran for the pacifier. The pacifier was very bright and colorful. Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

'Why is Tae acting like that?' Namjoon questioned as he tilted his head. Jimin gasped and quickly ran for Taehyung. In the corner of his eyes, Namjoon saw Yoongi staring at his Kumamon collection with big eyes. He has over 20 of them (there's probably more). The most stuffies he has are the Ryan plushies, he has A LOT. More then you can count. His entire living room is filled with baby supplies, lots of stuffies, and just VERY colorful. This is what you get for being a little, but a very colorful one.

Hoseok gasped and quickly ran towards Yoongi. But Yoongi was already holding over 2 Kumamon plushies and staring at his biggest one with wide eyes. Yoongi turned to Hoseok and pointed at it. "Dada..." he mumbled. Namjoon was taken back in shock. Did he hear right?!

'What?! No! Yoongi probably said Dam or Dado! I'm just mishearing things! Right?....' Namjoon thought to himself. He looked back at them and found Yoongi hugging the big plushies tightly while Hoseok was trying to get Yoongi to let go.

Namjoon heard another noise. He looked up to find Jungkook on the ground while bouncing a ball with a smile, he looked child-like almost. But, what really caught his eyes and made him gasp was when he saw Taehyung contently sucking on the pacifier while shaking one of Namjoon's rattle. Jimin was desperately trying to get Taehyung to spit out the pacifier and let go of the rattle, but Taehyung ignored him.

Namjoon looked over at Seokjin if he was doing anything unusual, but all he found was him observing his walls full of his artwork from when he was in little space.

'What is going on?!'

"Are you guys by any chance....littles?" Namjoon asked. He had a theory that Yoongi, Jungkook, and Taehyung May Be littles from the way their acting, but he didn't want to assume anything too quickly. Hoseok and Jimin looked up in shock. "Y-yes...." jimin mumbled. Hoseok nodded. "I'm sorry about them! You're stuff just really triggered them.." Hoseok said while chuckling. Namjoon laughed lightly and shook his head, "No it's alright! I don't mind!"

Jimin and hoseok smiled. "Well let's hope the children you babysit don't mind either!" Jimin laughed. Namjoon laughed nervously.

'Oh god, I'm still a bit hesitant in telling them the truth. I don't actually babysit, heck if I saw a baby acting like a baby (which they are) then it'll most likely trigger my space. I can't control my little space and I hate it. I'm surprised how controlled I am!' Namjoon thought to himself.

"Do you mind if the littles stay here?" Seokjin suddenly asked. Namjoon widened his eyes, 'wow, he talks....' but he quickly shook his head at the thought. "Uh n-no! I don't mind..." namjoon Answered. He mentally wanted to slap himself. How is he going to control himself now?!

Seokjin smiled. Namjoon and Jin sat down on the couches and waited for the others. Hoseok soon came in with a satisfied Yoongi hugging Namjoon's big Kumamon plushies with a smile. Jimin dragged Jungkook over, who was still playing with the ball and brought Taehyung over, who was contently sucking on the pacifier and still shaking the rattle. Once the caregivers seated their littles, they both sat down with a sigh.

Namjoon stared at them in slight jealously. He wanted to have a Caregiver and be free with his little space. "How old are they?" Namjoon asked while he walked the littles play. "Well, Yoongi is about 3-5 but he can regress smaller when he's super stressed." Hoseok answered while playing with Yoongi's hair.

"Jungkook is about the same age as Yoongi, while Taehyung is about 2-4." Jimin said. Namjoon nodded.

'Wow they're so much older than I am. I regress to literally a month(s) old baby to 1 or 2!! I'm surprised I'm still walking on two perfectly good feet and not have my entire body completely dislocated because of how clumsy I am!!' Namjoon thought to himself.

Namjoon didn't notice Seokjin looking at him suspiciously. Namjoon was too busy staring at the littles in jealously.

The rest of the day was filled with same talks and getting to know each other more. Namjoon was very content by the end of the hangout.

He couldn't wait for more hangouts!!


Hello! I'm back! Hope you enjoyed this chap.!

Like I said before I'm a slight impatient person so sorry if some things are rushed!! 💜

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