Baby 1

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"Namnam....wuv...d-daddy..." baby Namjoon whispered as he stacked blocks on top of each other. He was currently in his baby space. Seokjin was on the bed reading a book. The caregiver could hear what the little was saying and smiled every time.

"Wuv...wu..." NamNam continued on. Seokjin couldn't help, but chuckle. NamNam looked up from blocks and peered at his caregiver. He looked down at the block he was holding and placed it in his mouth.

After awhile of silence, Seokjin looked up from book. He widened his eyes when he found Namjoon chewing on one of the blocks. He immediately went and snatched the block away from Namjoon. But, it ended up making the little cry.

Seokjin gently picked up Namjoon and cradled him slowly. After a few minutes, Namjoon had stopped crying and only sniffs were heard. Seokjin took a seat on the bed and laid the little horizontally on his lap. He took off his shirt and positioned Namjoon to his nipple. The little immediately latched on and started suckling softy.

The caregiver let out a sigh and ran his fingers through the younger's hair. His thoughts were distributed when he heard the phone rang. He carefully grabbed his phone while holding Namjoon and picked it up.

"Hyung! Hello!" A loud voice said. Seokjin smiled when he realized it was Hoseok.

"Hello, Seokie." Seokjin said. The two began in a fairly good conversation about how they're both doing and what they've been doing. After awhile, they both needed to hang up so they said genie goodbyes and hung up.

Seokjin looked down at Namjoon and smiled gently. As he predicted, the little was fast asleep. The caregiver slowly crawled up the bed and carefully got under the blanket. He tried pulling Namjoon away from his chest, but whenever he did, the little only let out whines and pouted. So, he ended up leaving Namjoon alone to suckling peacefully on his chest.

He carefully turned the lamp off and got comfortable. Seokjin placed a soft kiss on Namjoon's forehead and closed his eyes. The sucking on his nipple didn't bother at all. To be honest, it made him feel content almost.


Short and quick chapter!😂😂

I realized how little I've been putting baby space Namjoon, so expect more baby Namjoon! XD


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