Good Girls Go Bad PT3

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I sat there staring at Matts muscular body for about 2 minutes until he finally said something "You like what you see eh?." All I could do was nod "Then why don't you stop playing hard to get and let me show you a proper kiss." He winked leaning towards my lips, I slowly took my bottom lip

In-between my teeth and gently biting onto it. "Lily please you don't know how much your turning me on right now, I need you." He pleaded rubbing and squeezing my thighs "Well lucky for you because at this point in time i need you too." I smirked crashing my lips onto his; we moved in sync almost as if we were supposed to be doing this. Once again I felt his tongue slide against my bottom lip begging for entrance which I allowed, it felt great. I felt his hand slowly unbuttoning my blue jeans we broke the kiss for a split second whilst I helped take my bottoms of leaving me in my blue lace panties. He then began kissing me once again but more passionately this time; I felt his hand remove from my thigh and began rubbing me through my lace which caused me to let out a small moan into the kiss "Matt-" I repeated twice "Do you like that baby?." He asked moving his lips to my neck and sucking softly, I ran my hands down his chest and on to his huge bulge in his pants, I slowly began palming his package which caused him to begin breathing heavier. "Lily fuck." Was all he could say which earned a smirk from me; Matt slipped his hand Into my panties and plunged 2 fingers straight into me slowly bringing them in and out in a repetitive pattern. "Matt I need you now." I moaned loudly; all I saw was Matt quickly pull his jeans and boxers down which caused his packed to pop up and hit him on the stomach. "Lily do you want to try something?." He asked tossing him self off "Like what?." I replied breathing heavily "This!." He added picking me up and taking me towards his sofa and placing me down, he quickly sat next to me and instructed me on what to do. I slowly placed his length in my mouth and began bobbing my head up and down whilst he continued to finger me. "I'm so close." I heard him moan loudly, With that I stopped and leaned back on the sofa lying down Matt slowly hovered over me and planted a small kiss on my lips asking me if it was ok to continue. I then nodded and kicked of my underwear slowly I felt him position himself near my entrance "Matt please." I begged which caused him to smirk "Tell me how much you want me." "Matt please just make me scream." I replied without even thinking he entered straight into me "Matt." I screamed in pleasure as he pumped in and out of me "Lily, your so fucking beautiful." Matt mumbled as I reached my climax "Matt I'm close." I moaned "Me too baby." As he said that he pulled out quickly and sprayed his liquid onto my stomach "I love you so much Lily, I always have." He let out a huge breath...


So that was the end of Good Girls Go Bad hope you enjoyed the imagine😊 I am taking a few requests so if you want a dirty Matthew Espinosa Imagine about you then just comment

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They don't haft to be dirty so if you want a sweet or romantic one then just add that in your description...

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