Good Girls Go Bad PT2

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"Hello is anyone home!." I shouted waving my hand in front of Allie's face as we walked up an alleyway that led to her house. "Yeah sorry, I was just thinking." She replied "About what?." I wondered trying to get some sort of explanation out of her as to why she just ignored me the hole way home "I wonder what it's like to have sex with a bad boy?." She laughed "WELL THEN!." I replied bursting out laughing... "I'm being serious!." She added unlocking her front door "Ok I think I will just leave you thinking, your a weird one Allie." I shook my head giving her a quick hug and heading to my house.

*1 Hour Later*

I was sat on my couch when my phone began vibrating on the cabinets wooden surface. I picked up my phone to see an unknown number calling me; I differed on picking it up until I placed my thumb on the accept symbol.

"Hello?." I questioned

"Lily, baby you still sticking to are deal?." Replied an annoying voice from the phone, I knew exactly who it was.

"You really think I'm actually going to stoop that low Espinosa!." I asked with a slight cockiness to my voice

"Listen to me now Lily, it's either you come to mine and let me fuck you so hard that you scream my house down or I come to yours and make you scream your house down!. CHOOSE. Because I am not messing around when I say I need to be inside of you!." He explained in a husky tone; I would be lying if I said it didn't turn me on but I just can't I'm a virgin and it will hurt!. "M-Matt I c-ant even if I wanted to." I replied "WHY?!." Be shouted "Because I'm a Virgin and it will hurt!." "Baby you really think I'm going to hurt you, don't worry I'll go slow at first until you beg for more." At this point I could tell he was smirking "Fine." I sighed "I'll be there in 10 minutes." I added, he agreed and we both hang up. I grabbed my white chucks,my black leather jacket and headed for the door.

*At Matts House*

I got to admit I am nervous, so nervous I feel as though I could be sick. I slowly raised my hand up and knocked 3 times on the grand wooden door that stood in front of me.

"Well hello Lillly." Matt smirked dragging out my name "Espinosa." I replied huffing "Come on in." He added; I stepped inside a huge house with high ceilings and polished furniture. As I stood looking around I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist and a head rest on my shoulder. "Do you want to go to my room or do you want it rough and in my kitchen." I felt minty breath against my neck;all of the sudden a plump pair of lips pressed softly on my jawline and a slight sucking which caused me to let out a small moan as he hit my sweet spot. I put my arms behind me and played with Matts hair "I want you so bad." I heard him moan into my neck; I slowly turned my body around and faced him taking off my leather jacket and revealing my white Grease top ( The Top Sandy Wears At The End Of Grease The Movie But In White ) which showed of my collar bones. I saw Matts eyes trace my body over before he began pressing his body against mine starring straight into my eyes and directing me towards the kitchen. All I could see was his big brown eyes feel with lust as he lifted me on top of the centre counter and forced his lips onto mine. I felt his tongue slide across my bottom lip begging for entrance. But I denied which caused Matt to groan "So your going to play hard?, 2 can play this game." He smirked ripping off his shirt...

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