Cameras Chapter 2

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Michael P.O.V🚬🎻🏊

"Class we'll be getting two new students. I'd like you to make them feel very welcome." Mrs. Krude announced. I honestly just wanted out of Trig. All we did was take notes and we have half an hour left.

Currently I am blasting my music, and tapping my pen to the beat.

"Settle down with me

Cover up

Cuddle in

Lie down

Hold me in your arms. " I hummed the lyrics trying to fall asleep, as I was almost out I feel my headphones being tugged out of my ears. "Pay attention dumb ass." Ashley yelled.

I looked up from my doodling hand and say Mrs. Krude eyeing me. "Anna, pay attention. Will you move your things? You finally have someone to sit next too!" She said happily. Fuckkkkkkkkkkk.

"I'd rather not." I mumbled to myself.

Cameron's P.O.V👌🏈🎮

This town is small, that's all. The boys and I had to come here because it's Nash's and Haye's home town, not only that but we have to stay here for the time being. Not like I want too.

Nash and I have Trig this hour, which is 1st hour. As we walked in I noticed a girl in the way back of the room with headphones in, she was doodling on her paper. Not looking forward.

I wasn't paying attention to the teacher introducing us. I noticed a lot of the girls staring at Nash and I. But not her. It was like we didn't exist to her. "Man, the teachers talking to you." Nash whispers to me.

"Oh. Say that again?" I asked.

"Say your name and age to the class, please?" The lady said. I smiled at everyone.

"Hey, I'm Cameron Dallas and I'm 17." I smiled at the teacher and she looked at me. "You'll be sitting next to Anna in the back. Anna, raise your hand so he knows who is who."

"Michael!!!" She said louder. With that a red headed girl walked up to the girl I was staring at earlier and said something to her. The girl quickly replied by looking up.

"Michael, pay attention. Will you move your things? You finally have someone to sit next too!" The teacher said in excitement. But the girl, I mean Michael looked horrified and shocked. She whispered something but then raised her hand.

I quickly walked over to her and smiled. I took my seat, but all she did was look at me like she was studying me. "Uh I'm Michael'." She said.

I looked at her and tried giving her a warm smile, she gave one back but then she suddenly cocked forward with a jerk.

"What the fuck?!" She yelled. I looked at her and she was on the floor. I looked next to her and there stood that blond Barbie chick that was staring at Nash and I laughing with her minions.

"Maybe next time, pay attention and stay out of my way." The blond said. Michael just looked at her with tears in her eyes, grabbed her things, and ran out of the classroom. I looked up at the blond chick, who was now sitting next to me. "I'm Ashley, but you can call me Ash." She gooed.

"Yeah? I'm Cameron, you can call me Cameron." I replied taking my hand back.

Michael P.O.V🚬🎻🏊

This place is fucking stupid, I can't stand it. I ran to the music room and grabbed my violin bringing it towards the big white piano. I quickly sat down, putting my bag next to the seat. I decided I was going to record my violin and the piano. Playing a Twilight themed song on piano, with hints of violin cords.

I began playing my violin first, getting lost in the music, making sure I hit every cord precisely. I let my emotions take over, it was almost like I was lost in a world of music and song.

Now the piano, hitting them keys. I went from my Twilight themed song to playing In The End by Linkin Park. It was loud and flowing, everything fit my emotion perfectly. Mad, hurt, and wanted.

A loud bang to my left made me jerk out of my trance and I saw Dawn sitting on a band chair watching.

Dawn's P.O.V🎾🎤💜

I was walking down the hall to my next class, when suddenly I heard moaning coming from the janitors closet. My curiosity got to me, so I turned my destination towards the closet. I walked up to it and opened the door, when I made contact with the guy I thought loved me. Ashley's legs were wrapped around his and her skirt was pushed up, his hands were placed under her tight pink shirt, cupping her breasts. While he was kissing her neck and her hands were intertwined in his hair.

I couldn't speak, my breathing suddenly became heavy and I felt like I was under water, all my breath that I gulped in was suddenly disappearing. As I stepped back, my books fell from my arms and I just looked down at them, as they made a sudden boom on the ground.

"I'm sorry." I heard myself speak. As I bent down to grab my books quickly turning around to run out of the building. But I heard his voice behind me. "Dawn! Dawn would you stop! For fucks sake Dawn!!"

"What!?" I whispered. I now had hot tears in my eyes, I wouldn't dare let them roll down my cheeks.

"Stop overreacting. She came on to me babe.." He started, but I cut him off. "Don't, don't, I don't need your stupid excuses. It's over, and it's because of you." I yelled my tears rolling down.

"You're not breaking up with me!" Jake yelled, punching my left eye. I knew he had anger, but I never knew it'd be like this. "Jake! Just leave her alone, you're single now!" I heard Ashley yell. Jake turned around and glared at her.

"No. Me about to fuck you was a big mistake." He yelled towards Ashley. I tried to walk away but his grip got tighter on my wrist, leaving a bruise. He hit me again, in the jaw. I felt hot liquid running down my face.


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