Your Wedding Day.

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I sat in front of the mirror, looking at the incredible transformation from what looked like this morning. I had a beautiful white gown, and my hair was curled and put into a cool design in the back. My makeup is natural, and yet I wanna cry. But I can't, not until after the wedding. I'm marrying my fiancé, Matthew. We've been together since the 9th grade.. And now we're both 21. My thoughts are inturppeted by a knock on the door.
"(Y/N), are you ready?" It is my mother.. She gasps and tears well up in her eyes.
"You're so beautiful, oh my god honey!" She covers her mouth and softly whimpers into her hand. She slowly walks towards me and hugs me. I hug her back. I sniffle.
"Oh dear no, I can't make you cry on your special day! No tears!" She giggles with me. She grabs a napkin and wipes the tears from my face.
"Trust me mom, I'm gonna cry anyways. It's so crazy to know that this is happening. It's so overwhelming but I'm so excited." I smile at the thought of marrying Matthew. There is not one thing I wouldn't do for him.
"Oh dear it's time!" My mom says looking at the clock and my dad walks in. He smiles and puts his arm out for me to lock my arm to. We walk out of the room and reach the door. We wait for a minute until the wedding song plays. The doors slowly open and everyone in the room stands up. I hear gasps and see smiles, but my focus goes to Matthew. He slowly turns around until he's facing my direction. His mouth drops open and then he smiles. He looks so handsome, in his suit and tie. His hair perfectly spiked up. My dad kisses me on the forehead and let's me step up onto the platform. He walks back to the audience and sits with mom. Matthew and I face each other.
"Today we are gathered at the sight of (Y/N) and Matthew joining together to spend a lifetime of love together. They have both written vows to share to each other today. Matthew," he and I look at Matthew.
"(Y/N), we've been together since the 9th grade. We are highschool sweethearts. This journey has been incredible with you and we have so much more to do. These mem-- memories have been amazing, countless. I'm always gonna appreciate the little things you do, like making me breakfast everyday before I go to work, or giving me back massages when I get home. You take care of me and I do in return. I want you to be the mother of my children, there's nobody else I'd ever want to bear my child. I love you forever and always." He sniffles, tears running down his face. I realize myself that I'm crying.
"Oh Matthew, words CANNOT explain my love for you. When we first ever met, at the beach, I never knew you'd be my first love, my only love. On our 3 year anniversary, how you rented out a whole theater for you and I. You have seen me at my worst and you've loved me unconditionally. I couldn't ever ask for a better man to be in my life, because you're already the best man known to any human being. I want you to be the father of my child, and I want to bear a child for you. I'll never forget the care YOU gave ME while we've been together. Matthew Lee Espinosa, I love you, and I'm ready to steal your last name." Everyone chuckled at my last words. The priest clears his throat.
"In all due to respect, you may kiss the bride." Matthew grabs my waist and kisses me, the kiss is followed by cheering and crying and yelps and clapping. I will cherish this moment for the rest of my life.

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