Tutor (For Grayson)

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Sitting at the front of the classroom, I am disrupted by something hitting the back of my head. This happens everyday at this same hour. Looking back, I couldn't find where the object had come from.
"Grayson, please come here." My algebra teacher calls to me from the front of the room. I'm a shy person.. I hated that he called me up.. I slowly make my way to him, the class staring me down on my way.
"Matthew, you too." My heart skips a beat. Matthew Espinosa.. the schools biggest douchebag by far. He finds his joy by being annoying and rude.. especially to me.
"How is it that you're failing Algebra Matthew?" our teachers asks him. Matthew chuckles, shaking his head. He just shrugs his shoulders, not a care in the world.. I wondered why I was involved in this, being that I have an A in this class..
"Now, Grayson. I have talked to your mother, and Matthew, I have talked to yours as well. Grayson will be tutoring you until your grade in this class is up." Matthew sighs, rolling his eyes at the teacher. His eyes make their way to me.
"Well I can do it on my own, I don't need some nerd to help me." he clenches his jaw. I found this extremely attractive, his jawline was so sharp and it was a major turn on. He frowns at me, and my eyes immediately make their way to the ground.. I nod my head & make my way back to my desk.

~After School~
Matthews POV

Holy damn am I excited for this. I'm literally being tutored by the schools hottest geek. Let me tell you, everything about her is literally so perfect.. Her lips look so soft, so kissable.. Her smile is literally to die for.. Her ombre hair fits her skin tone perfectly, makes her glow.. Her beautiful chocolate brown eyes captivate me every time they meet with my eyes. Her giggle during class causes my heart to race..

Grayson POV

"He's not coming.." I whisper to myself. I knew he was a no show, I mean he's failing almost every class. He obviously wouldn't care to come to tutoring. I sigh and pick up my books and homework and as I do so, the door opens. Surprisingly, it was Matthew. He closes the door behind him, he wasn't supposed to. I sit back down, laying out all of my stuff, ready to teach him. He pulls a chair up to the desk then sits in silence. I feel his eyes scanning me.. I then feel my cheeks turn red..
"Awe, why so shy?" I look up to see Matthew grinning at me. I shake my head and look right back at my book.

Matthews POV
"Could you at least say something?" I ask her.
"What do you want me to say? You don't want anything to do with me anyways. So why does it matter?" Her angry expression on her face was so cute. I couldn't help but laugh.
"Can we please just start?" She asks me. I stand up & make my way to the door.
"Wait!" She yells. I turn around, smile at her and walk to her. I grab her hand, pulling her close to me. I feel goosebumps cover her body.
"W-what are you doing Matthew?" she whispers. I kiss her cheek.
"I like you." She pulls away from me, a confused expression on her face.
"Grayson, I do.. As much as I don't act like it, I really do.. and being that today was the perfect day to.. Will you be my girlfriend?" I stutter the last words. She walks back to me, pushing me against the wall.. Her lips crash into mine, her hands making their way to mine. I couldn't resist.. I pick her up, spinning her in my arms..
"Yes." She exclaims, breaking the kiss.

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