Gang (pt 1.)

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Great. Just fucking great. I just got laid off from my job. How the hell am I going to pay my bills in time now that I have no job? I'm so fucked. 

I get home, throw my belongings onto the table. I just need to go for a run. I change into sports leggings and some running shoes. There's a trail that leads from a few blocks from my house all the way to the park, it's a very good trail and usually there's almost always someone on it. I plug in my headphones to my phone, but the buds in my ear and begin running. I've always relied on running to help with my stress. In general, running has always been a huge part of me. I was in track and things like cross country and I always won awards.

 I find myself running, just getting lost in my thoughts before I see a few men at the park fighting. I run behind a tree, having no idea what I was about to get myself into. A brown haired boy and two other men were beating on another. I could hear them asking questions, as if it were interrogation. Before I knew it, I hear a loud gunshot.. The man then falls to the ground.. Dead. I look behind me, planning a route of escape.

"HEY YOU WHAT THE FUCK GET OVER HERE.!" I then realize that they were talking to me. I slowly step out from behind the tree. The brown haired man whispers to the two others and they make their way to me. 

"You're coming with us." He says. My heart starts to beat faster and faster. They place me in their car and begin driving.

"Uh sir.. where are you taking me..?" I ask.. he glares at me with his cold eyes.

"You're going to meet the boss."

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