First Christmas

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Today I am flying to Woodbridge, Virginia to surprise Matthew for Christmas! I am catching him by surprise and I'm so excited!

"Honey, the flight is in like 10 minutes! Hurry up!" My mother yells from across the room. My heart starts to race at the thought of seeing Matthew and meeting his family for the first time since we've been together. I quickly grab my bags, burst out the doors and throw my bags in the car. I sped as quickly as I could without getting caught or in trouble. I finally park my car, leaving my keys in the seat so my mom could pick the car up after I left. I ran, nearly stumbling to the ground. I got more and more overwhelmed by every step closer I got to Gate 5, where my entrance for the plane was. I got in the plane, giving my luggage to the flight attendant and finding my spot on the plane. My phone vibrates in my lap, quickly making me jolt up from my spot it was Matt.

"Hey babygirl!" It read. I smile, quickly replying to him.

"Hey! I'm sorry babe but I have to work today, a coworker called in sick today! I'll text you when I can!!" Almost right after I sent the text, I got a reply back from Matt.

"Okay, have fun! Love you!" I read the message and close my phone before I got told to put it away. I had about 4 hours until I arrived, so I drifted off into a sleep.

~4 hours later~

"Ma'm, we've landed. You can leave now." A young voice interrupts my sleep. I open my eyes, everything looking bright and blurry. I rub my eyes, waiting for them to adjust to my surroundings. After my brain could function correctly, I realized it was time to go to Matthews house! My body filled with excitement! I run out into the bag drop, and the wait seemed so long until I finally found my bag. I ran to the street outside of the airport and waved down a taxi.

"Where to pretty lady?" The taxi driver asks. I grin and tell him the address that Matthews mother gave me.

"Alright, buckle up!" I did as I was told so and waited for the journey to his house.

We arrive at the house and the taxi driver opens the door for me, my bag already in his hand.

"Thank you so much sir!" I hug him, me being clearly over excited, and it was obvious he knew because he hugged me back. I walked off a few steps before I realized that I hadn't paid him.

"Oh, I'm sorry! How much was the ride? My mind is just all over the place!" I laugh, getting my wallet out of my jacket. He shakes his head and laughs as well.

"You don't have to pay, it wasn't a long drive to me!" I look at him and smile, nodding my head that he could leave.

The car revs off and I am left in front of Matthews beautiful house. I slowly make my way to the door, my hand making it's way to the cold metal. I knock on the door a few times, only to be greeted by Matthews mother.
"Oh my gosh!! You're so beautiful!" She hugs me tightly in her arms. I smile and hug her back.
"So when are you opening presents?" I asked her.
"In about 10 minutes!" She had prepared a box for me to get into dip that Matthew could open it, and I jump out suprising him. She places the box next to the tree and helps me into it. After she closes it, she calls for the family.
"Woah! Whose present is that?" I hear Matthews voice, making my body shiver from excitement. All of a sudden, I feel the box shaking rapidly, confusing me.
"Matthew stop, it's fragile! It's yours too!" Her soft voice sounds the room.
"Open it." Before she could even finish the word, the top of the box is confuldged open. I jump out, hopping onto Matthew, kissing his lips.
"Oh my God (Y/N)!!" Matt yells.
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" We all shout.
He kisses me one more time before picking me up and holding me in his arms. Best Christmas ever!

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