My First Time Was With My "Babysitter"

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Girls Description...

Name: Hazel

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Light Brown

"MUM I DONT NEED A BABYSITTER IM 16!." I shouted as I stormed downstairs "Hazel your getting a babysitter if you like it or not!." She harshly replied "Your seriously crazy!, I hope you know I'm going to be mocked for this in school!." I screamed into my shirt that was on laying top of my nose "Hazel it's only going to be for 5 hours tops ok don't be so childish." She added grabbing her purse "Well I might aswell act this way and put my hair in pink tails an run around screaming for you to put barbie on!." I mumbled "Hazel-Marie-Golding do not argue with me no longer Matthew will be here in 10 minutes be good, I'll be back before you know it... OK!." She yelled back once more before slamming the front door in my face... I let out a huge angry groan as I stamped back upstairs to get changed. I grabbed my white short sleeved crop top, blue jean shorts, checkered shirt and a pair of white fluffy socks from my wardrobe and put it all on. As I tied my hair into a messy bun the door bell rung "Well this is just going to be amazing." I sighed dragging out the walk from my room the the front door.

I slightly opened the door only to see a back of a boys head. "Erm hi." I questioned and he slowly turned around to revel his cheeky grin on his face "Hey I'm Matthew... Matthew Espinosa." He added holding out his hand for me too shake "Oh your the babysitter?, wait did you just say... I recognise you now your the one from Vine right?." I asked "Yep that's me The Matthew Espinosa." He stated "Hm yeah ok Mr Cocky come on in." I replied walking away from the front so he could come in "Hey I am not cocky." He protested coming in and closing the door "Sure.." I rolled my eyes "Right, so where's Hazel?." He questioned "Hazels right here." I added pointing to myself as I slumped down on the sofa "Wait so your the one I'm babysitting." He replied laughing "SHUT UP, it's not my choice... You know what just fucking leave I don't need this shit from a 'cocky so called famous boy'." I yelled get up and walking directly towards him "Woah; calm the heck down." He smirked holding his hands up "Whatever." I replied trying to walk away.

*Matthews POV*

Why the hell do I find her so god damn sexy, I usually hate girls swearing but on her it's just... Just FUCKING HOT!. "Whatever." She replied beginning to walk away from me; but I didn't want her to go anywhere so I hastily grabbed her arm pulling her close to my body that was craving her. "What do you think your d-doing?." She stuttered staring into my eyes which were now Probably filled with lust; "Don't tell me you don't want me to fuck you!." I smirked beginning to kiss her neck "Matt." She breathed heavily "Tell me you don't want to me to fuck you and I'll stop." I replied sucking on her sweet spot which earn't a moan from her.

*Hazels POV*

I didn't want him to stop but for fuck sake he's my babysitter and knowing my mum she will get him to watch me again and it would be awkward between us. Plus I'm kind of still a virgin "Matt, please." I forced my self to say pushing him back slightly "I can't..." I trailed off as he slowly Ran his hand through his hair looking confused "Why?." Is all he asked; that the word I dreaded 'Why?' I looked down at my feet and began to fiddle with my fingers "B-because well I'm a v-virgin." I mumbled "What was that?." He repeated "For god sake Espinosa IM A VIRGIN!." I yelled but quickly covered my mouth with my right hand, he smirked "You know being a virgin won't last forever." He stated walking towards the kitchen to get a glass of water ( Dang he's THIRSTY😂, had to say it ) "True, but the thing is I don't even know you." I protested "Then get to know me." "HOW? How am I supposed to get to know you within Hm 10 minutes." I questioned "Easy, take a seat." He said pointing to the seat directly in front of him which I sat down in. "What's your full name?." He asked "Hazel-Marie-Golding." I replied "I'm Matthew Lee Espinosa." "My turn, how old are you?." "I'm 17." "Good because I'm 16." I laughed "You have a cute laugh." He replied winking and biting his lip "Are you a virgin." I asked "Sadly no I lost it when I was 15 with someone I thought loved me but she used me for my fame." He replied looking a bit low; I didn't know what to do he looked like he was going to cry, I wasn't controlling myself. I stood up from my seat and quickly moved around the table so I was in front of Matt "W-what are you doing?." Matt looked confused "I trust you." Was all I could say until I crashed my lips onto his...

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