Enemy's With My Class Partner

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Hello guys this is my first (Dirty Imagine) so it may or may not be good, let me know what you think in the comments so that I know you like them enough for me to keep writing them!😊👌

Girl: ->
Name: Maddie Parks
EyeColour: Green
HairColour: Light Brown
Age: 16
Boy: ->
Name: Matthew Espinosa (Himself)

"Maddie Parks, please explain why you are late to class once again!." Shouted Miss Bridge
What am I supposed to say, 'I was cleaning up the shattered pieces of glass from the floor after my mum threw a cup at me' Erm I don't think so... "I missed the bus." I simply replied "Very well, but please don't let this happen again now can you take a seat next to Matthew at the back please!." She replied pointing to where my arch enemy Matthew Espinosa was. GREAT!. All because I was late I get partnered with probably one of the most annoying kids I had ever met.

Note To Self:


"Hello." Said Matt as I took a seat beside him by the window "Just save the talking for when your messing around and taunting me in the cafeteria because I really can't deal with your shit today Espinosa!." I snapped chucking my bag beside me and grabbing my pen from inside my pocket. "Ok now class we are going to be watching a documentary on our universe, I may have my back turned but I've got eyes in the back of my head so NO funny business." Explained Miss Bridge turning the lights off and taking her seat. "Your hot when you mad." Whispered a sexual sounding voice in my ear, next thing I knew Matt was tracing little circles on my upper thigh "What do you think you are doing!." I shout whispered "MATTHEW AND MADDIE STOP TALKING!." Yelled the teacher once again "Babe come on you know you want me." He added rising his hand higher, for some strange reason Matt actually turned me on which wasn't ok!. "No Espinosa NO." I replied trying to get his hand off of my thigh "Get off me now." I snapped again, I saw the corner of his mouth rise up as if he was smirking; I thought to myself there is only one thing for this even if it is utterly sexual but still, I shot my hand from it being on top of Matt's hand to his crotch and NO I'm not tying to get in his pants this may just hurt him enough for him to remove his hand. "Fuck." He snapped removing his hand and holding his crotch where I squeezed it tightly, I gave him an evil smirk and continued taking notes "Playing hard to get ay, well we will see about that!."


That was my signal to leave, saved by the bell is what I call it... I felt two hands cup both of my bum cheeks and heavy breathing on my neck "I want you." Was all he said as he threw me a wink and walked out of the class biting his bottom lip.

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