"I Knew You Werent Inocent!."

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Name: Alisha


Eye Colour: Piercing Green Eyes

Hair Colour: Light Brown Hair

Etc Features: Black Lip Ring, Elephant Tattoo On Her Hip

*Amelia's POV*

"That will be £3.70 please." I smiled serving the young lady in front of me, I had finally finished my shift for the day. The week had been extremely busy because the shop had only just opened 'DING' went the bell on top of the door "Sorry were closi-." I got cut off by realising who it was coming in the door... THE ONE AND ONLY MATTHEW ESPINOSA was stood in front of me I think anyone would love to be in this position seeming as I was 3 centimetres away from his lips. "Hi." I laughed taking a step back "Hey there pretty lady is there any jobs available here?." He asked "Really?, you?, Matthew Espinosa wanting to work in a shop? Come on is this a prank." I smirked stepping outside of the door "Ok guys you can come out now, The Matthew Espin-." I was cut off once again by a hand wrapping around my mouth pulling me inside and pinning me against the wall "I don't think you would want to do that seeming as there's millions of girls outside that may know me." He raised an eyebrow I just nodded trembling with terror and pain from were my head hit the wall "I'm sorry." I mumbled letting out a tear, all of the sudden Matthew removed his hand from my mouth and pulled me into a hug "Shh, please don't cry baby girl I didn't mean to scare or hurt you I promise, I just wanted to work in a normal shop for once." He explained rocking me back and forth "It's fine honestly, it's my fault." I smiled pulling away and looking into his eyes "You know you seem so innocent, but I don't think you are." He laughed "I am innocent and where did that come from?." I questioned "Oh really with that lip piercing I don't think your innocent, I don't know I just can read people I guess." He added tracing his thumb over my lip "Well the lip piercing I got for my 15th and the tattoo I got done when I was 16." I laughed "Oo so you have a tattoo!, let me see." He winked "Nahh, it's on the rim of my hip meaning I would haft to pull my trousers down and I'm not doing that anytime soon." I explained "Oh really, well I'm sure it's beautiful." He smiled which caused me to laugh "You know your not as cocky as I thought you was going to be." I replied raising my hand on to his that was on the side of my cheek "There's a lot of things you don't know about me." He smirked biting his lip "Yeah like what?." I question running my tongue over my bottom lip "Well for one I'm an amazing chef." He laughed pulling me a tad closer to him "Oh really?." I smiled looking down and then back into his eyes "Yep they call me chef spicy." He announced proudly "'Chef Spicy' really." I laughed "What else do I not know about you 'Chef Spicy'?." "Well I am Half dinosaur." He added pulling me even closer to him so I was extremely close "Espisaurous??." I replied biting my lip "What else?." "Espisaurous is quite a sexy dinosaur name don't you think." He winked "Yes very 'sexy'." I mocked rolling my eyes "Oh and one more thing." "What's th-?." I was cut of by him hovering over my lips with his own "I'm a great kisser." He replied talking seductively "Show me." I bit my lip "I would be honoured." He smiled crashing his lips onto mine...

So this one is going to be in parts but there's only going to be 2 parts so if you want the 2nd part then comment and vote💀✖️ Thank you all for 2K reads.

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