Being in Macgon

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"Babe, come on." Matthew grabs my hand pulling to the hotel lobby. I forcibly pull my arm away from him, not wanting to.
"You're being a party pooper." he says, followed with his adorable puppy face. I try keeping my guard but his face was so irresistible & I couldn't say no.  We were arguing because there was a show going on downstairs, and he was late because he was trying to get me to come. I still held back but he picked me up and put me over his shoulder, me trying to fight back. He is obviously way stronger then me so I gave in. He carried me all the way downstairs where I started to hear screams & loud music. I got nervous & started kicking and trying to escape again but Matthew didn't budge. I soon realised we were going on the stage & as soon as we did, he sat me down. The crowd went wild and I sat there in silence. Matthew laughed at me and I just frowned.
"(Y/N), It's okay. You will do great!" as soon as he said that, he ran to the DJ and whispered something into his ear. All of a sudden, my all time favorite song, Lipgloss started to play. Matthew gripped onto my hoodie and pulled me close, making the crowd go wild.
"You dance good to this song, it's sexy." He whispers in my ear, sending chills down my body.
"I love you" I say, gently pecking his lips. He smiles as we all go to center stage and dance.

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