Good Girls Go Bad

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Girl: -->
Name: Lilly Mae
Eye Colour: Baby Blue
Hair Colour: Light Brown

"I'll see you at lunch." I replied to my best Allie as I walked into my class and took a seat at the back pulling out my pen. "Hey Hoe." Whispered a too familiar voice from beside me "Please don't Matt I've had enough of you and your little 'crew'." I explained sighing and placing my elbows on the desk and putting head in my hands; the class started off pretty easy I mean it was only Math so it didn't take me that long to get through the hole work sheet "Aw is the teachers pet all finished and waiting for the challenge sheet." Laughed Matt putting his hand in his trousers "Aw has my bully got crabs." I added with a smirk "Shut up you whore how dare you say that to me you worthless piece of shit." He replied fiddling around inside his pants "Just stop that, it's disgusting, you can call me what ever it doesn't hurt me because I'm still a virgin Hun and proud!." I spat back "Maybe I could change that?." He smirked "You make me sick!." I rolled my eyes; I continued focussing on the class until out of the corner of my eye a very out of breathe red faced Matt "Matt, what are you doing?." I shout whispered, I then looked down and saw his trousers... They were moving up and down "Your vil-." But before I could finish my sentence I felt my hand being moved from my thigh into Matts trouser and through into his pants, I felt his warm cock gently in the middle of my hand; I've got to say he was huge and hard "Matt, let go of my hand." I said through gritted teeth "I'll return the favour." He begged keeping his eyes on the teacher who had his back turned "No Ma-." Before I could say anything else he started to rub me through my shorts which caused me to let out a silent moan "Do I make you feel good baby?." He whispered in my ear, I don't know what made me nod my head agreeing with him but I just did "M-Matt, c-an we finish this some other time?." I asked moving my hand slowly up and down his hard dick. "Fine. Be round mine at 5:30 because no one will be home then." He sighed moving his hand to my thigh "Lilly you can Erm remove you hand." He chuckled "Oh yeah my bad." I added looking down and smiling...
Was I warming up to Matt??

Hey guys well this is part 1 of the imagine Good Girls Go Bad but if you want a part 2 could you comment in the comments 'More' or 'Part2' or just something simple so I know people are actually reading this😂! Thank you

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