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"Shit, I gotta go!" Matthews body shoots straight up from the couch we are cuddling on. He gathers his things from all over the house leaving me confused.
"What?" I'm concerned as to why Matthew is leaving so quickly..
"My girlfriend is on her way home." He exclaims. A sudden rush of dissappointment makes it's way through my veins. I honestly didn't want him to leave me.. he always does. Matthew doesn't realize how excrutiatingly painful it is when he leaves me everyday.. I've fallen for him.. & I've fallen for him hard.
"Fine." I snap back at him. A blank expression forms on his face as he starts to slowly walk towards me.
"What's wrong?" he asks. I get up and walk to my room, slamming the door shut. I lean against my door, my back eventually sliding against it, and I find myself sitting on the floor. I feel the door pressing against my skin harder, as Matthew is trying to get in.
"What the hell (Y/N)?" he says throgh the crack of the door.
I get up & open the door.
"Why are you still with her?" everything gets silent. He stands at the opening of the door for what seemed forever.
"I don't know (Y/N).." He looks at the ground.
"Well, I can't do this anymore then.. I find myself falling harder & harder for you everyday. I feel as if you don't care because at the end of the day, you leave to see her while I'm here contemplating on if I'm good enough for you or if I ever will be. I constantly try to figure out if you feel the same Matt.. it sucks.. I hate it." a tear falls from my face. I obviously hit something sensitive in him because he had started crying. I felt my heart break.. I walk up to him, wiping his tears off of his face. I cup his face in my hands and eventually our lips crash into each others. We kiss for what seemed forever, and I loved it. I felt my stomach churn & my heart burst with happiness.
"I'm sorry (Y/N) he says after our kiss breaks. All I could do was kiss him one more time.

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