Gang (Pt. 2)

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"You're going to meet the boss." 

Oh my god the boss? What the hell is this? A cult? A gang? 

The car comes to a hault, the men get out and open my door. Both on each side of me, and another behind me. We're at a broken building, wore down, looks ghostly and like nobody would inhabit it. We walk into the doors and everything turns black. We walk a few more feet, up some stairs before another door is opened. First thing I see when I step in are a bunch of people.. I could tell they were violent literally by the way they were looking at me.. Everyone moves out of the way and at the end of the room stands a blonde-haired, brown eyed man. His hair was slicked back, and he was wearing a suit. He was very intimidating.. His veins popped out of his hands, his jaw structure was very masculine.

The man pushes me toward him signaling that he wanted me to make my way to this man.

"Come." He states. More like a command if anything. He stares me down, looking up and down inspecting me. 

"Your name?" He asks. 

"(Y/F/N, Y/L/N)." My voice shakes. He nods his head. He is literally the sexiest human being I've ever seen.

"You missy, have witnessed something haven't you?" He grins, turns around and walks to his desk. I keep my silence.

"Well, if you don't know who I am, I am Matthew Espinosa. Yunno, gang leader of the Vice Lords." he chuckles. He touches the tips of his fingers together, as if he was thinking. 

"Boys, take her to the penthouse. I'll be there real soon." He exclaims. 

The men nod and make their way towards me.. They then put a bag over my head, I struggle to escape only to hear everyone there laugh at me. 

"BOYS NO! TAKE THAT DAMN SHIT OFF HER HEAD." Matthew slams his hand on the table. Soon after the bag is removed from my head.

"But-- sir-- you always have us do this.." The man to my right says nervously.

"No, keep it off just get her to the fucking pent house." 

Once again I'm placed into the car. 

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