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okay okay so i had a scary experience & i wanna know what you guys think..

so it was about 3 in the morning & i was laying in my bed watching netflix as i didn't feel good & i couldn't get myself to go to bed. i shit you not, my tv turned off out of nowhere and i didn't think much of it, i thought my dog might've moved a cord & unplugged it. i got up to go check the area and noticed that the tv was still plugged in. i went into the living room only to find my dog asleep on the couch, i didn't know if i should be freaked out or not so i brushed it off & went back into my room, but i made sure to shut the door just in case. i went to turn the tv back on, and i swear i felt something breathing on my neck, i turned around to see if anything was behind me, note that it's still dark in my room so i had a hard time seeing anything but i felt like someone was right in front of my face breathing over me. i went back to my bed anyways and literally all night, all i heard was someone breathing heavily in my room, like really loud breathing.. i held my breath a couple times to make sure i wasn't freaking myself out but it continued all night.. i still don't know what it was but i'm really freaked out whenever i come in my room now..

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