Dec 7th - Sleep

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Hey guys, me again :-D The clock reads 00:04 on Dec 8th, so officially, I didn't get a chapter out in time for the first time (thank God I have readers farther West than me, so it technically still counts ;-)). Shame on me. So much shame. But everyone is gone, the house is back in order and the nieces are asleep in my bed, so now time to get to the good stuff in Werewolfsville!

Now it's 00:40 and I hope that I didn't skip too many words and am still making sense. Read the following and judge for yourself!

I will ad a pic tomorrow. Got more furry humanoid goodness for you all :-D

There was no doubt about it: Gabriel could have broken the hold the man had on him in a second. He was more than a couple of inches taller and weight a good deal more and that was mostly muscle too, because he worked his frustrations of in the gym.

Feeling a treasure trail caress the sensitive underside of his cock was so good he felt like he was liquifying around the edges.

With closed eyes he felt himself fall into the kiss they shared, concentrating on all the different sensations, like the slide of skin on skin, the point where their entwined hands rested against the carped, the tongue touching his between their lips, coaxing him to not only be explored but to be curious himself.

All feelings of franticness were gone and there was only a sweetly aching longing that simmered in him.

"Get naked and come to the bed", was whispered into his ear. He nodded and received another melting kiss before he felt the other man get off the ground.

He blinked his eyes open. No light was on in the room, but he could make out the other man's form, stripping his pants off, while looking at him.

Gabriel couldn't look away.

The man came back over, giving him a hand and pulling him up with more strength than Gabriel would have thought. After another short kiss, he was undressed by sure hands, soft words giving him orders when to lift a foot or hold still.

Tired from the intense past hour, he felt dazed but happy and somehow he trusted the stranger to know what to do next and make him feel good, now that he had come back to his senses, at least partially.

When he finally stood naked, he felt kisses on his hip bones and belly until a slick tongue gathered all his precome up in one long lick up his cock. Gabriel had to hold on to something, laying his hands on the rich, unruly hair to ground himself.

The lust that rose in him was lick warm honey, thick and sweet and luxurious. He lost himself in the sensation until it all stopped and the man stood before him. A tiny shiver accompanied the thought of what might be next.

"Lie down on your back", the stranger asked of him, lifting a hand and caressing Gabriels cheek, a little touch only, but more intimate than anything they had done until then. Rubbing his face slowly against the offered palm, Gabriel realized that this was something he had always longed for.

Without any complaint, the man held still, letting him take what he needed, only using his thumb to give an extra little caress every now and then.

Taken by the hand, Gabriel followed him the last steps to the bed in the end where they both sank down together, locked in another kiss and each other's arms.

After that, Gabriel got lost in the haze of his overly tired mind and from exhaustion shaking body, giving himself over into knowing hands, that seemed to know to fulfill all his unspoken desires. Words at deserted him for good.

He luxuriated in the stretch and burn when he was finally entered, too far gone to hold on after that to anything, feeling himself tumbling like in slow motion into and orgasam that was quiet and intense like the invisible current under the surface of waters that looked oh so still. It left him clean like fresh fallen snow, emptied from everything, finally able to let go and fall into deep, restful sleep.

Gabriel was still staring into those eyes that were quiet like only the wilderness could be when his lids slid close, tiny aftershocks still rearing up every now and then deep in his core, where they still were connected.

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