Dec 11th - Daydreams and Danger

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If you don't like gay, don't read. But there is no sex this time, only daydreaming about it, so... Do what ever you want.

Linus stood shivering in the middle of the creek, his ears shifting to pick up any signs of another wolf.


No scents on the wind, that was quiet but cut through his wet fur like a blade.

Before him, the creek parted in two side arms, Linus taking the right one until there were only meadows left and right of him, the yellow grass sticking out of the snow bristling.

He ran back the way he came, knowing that it was a risk that the others might have caught up to him in the meantime. But he liked the thought of his track pointing down both arms of the creek better than leaving tracks only on one side.

The left arm of the creek started soon to tumble down a steep hill, biting deeper into the hillside, until rushing around a bend and flowing more evenly again.

Right in the bend, a flat rock stuck out from the hillside, a rock Linus flattened to crawl under. Panik surged through him when he felt like he would get stuck any second, his belly pressed into the shallow water, his strong hind legs working to propel him into the little pocket in the earth, not much bigger than him standing up. The water surely caved it into the hill with rising and falling tides during the snow melt. Now it was his safe place, his escape. He knew paths to his hideout from every point in a thirty mile radius.

Finally, he popped through and shook himself violently, trying to get his fur as dry as possible. For a reason unknown to him, it was always a bit warmer in here than outside, a fact that had saved his life at least once or twice. Curling up against the rounded back wall, Linus drew his tail around him and closed his eyes in the near dark. The weather was grey and he could only see a small rim of light at the far side of the stone.

Closing his eyes, he went back to his memories of the night before and deciding that was too weird and heavy to think about while his legs were still shaking from the hard run, he concentrated on the very last bit and the morning.

His body was humming again, but that only came with his slowly relaxing muscles. He couldn't remember one day during the strange winter wanting that he had three quarters of a day of quiet. That made him crave that man again even more. He seemed to be the answer to all Linus's prayers. And he smelled good. God, did he smell good. But not only that, he was so responsive and open while being at the same time strong and tender when he was in charge. Linus had never encountered that mixture. And it made him very sure that his chances of meeting Grayback ever again were around nill, because if something seemed a little too good to be true at first glance, it normally was.

And the guy had fucked him bare without asking. That was seriously uncool. Another reason why he wanted to see him again. Doing that and then disappearing in the bathroom was a no go. If Linus had had the time, he would have waited Grayback out. He could be very patient if needed.

God, and being knotted, what a fucking unreal thing! He knew his sister hated it like crazy, but well, he had discovered he liked two dicks up his behind and having that with only one guy was a mind blowing thought. The possibilities! Linus had been hurt by the stranger freaking out when it happened because he was surprise as well and had had no time to relax even a little. His anus had basically gripped tight under the base of the knot and pulling against that... well, it hurt like... it hurt. Just that. Much.

And Grayback was very compfy. His belly wasn't ripped six pack, but was flat and had a teeny tiny softness around the belly button. It was warm and felt incredible against his back when he was the little spoon. He wanted to sleep burrowed into this body every night, please. With that scent, it was like sleeping in the arms of your favorite, completely healthy drug.

Well, as for the drama around the good times... He decided to further ignore them.

It was long past dark when Linus finally decided that he had daydreamed for long enough. No one was waiting for him, when he crawled out from under the rock. God, he hated his peers the most in the pack. They were the ones playing the games with him as pray. Grayback had the perfect size to punch them all in the face in Linus' name. He would offer that to Grayback as means of redemption for the bareback stunt.

When he trotted down the long back road to the Beachampe compound, a car came down the road his way. It stopped just when he was about to slink into the bushes.

The driver side door opened and Beatrice climbed out.

"If you want to get out of here in one piece, get in the car", she said in normal tones, knowing full well he hear her.

Panic made his hackles rise.

What was happening?

Beatrice wasn't one for pranks or games. Her patience and warmness had gone out the window when he understood he was going to be in Canada, if he wanted or not, but she had never been unkind to him.

But he just didn't know, if he could trust her.

"Your father intents to auction you off in a few months and you just lost you worth for him. You have no reason to trust me, I know, but I really like you and don't wish any harm on you. In helping you, I am making it impossible for myself to ever come back. So. Your turn. You coming or not?"

Linus starred right at her, one of his front paws still in the air from his plan to melt into the undergrowth.

Something was up.

Beatrice didn't give him more, she just waited, didn't try to cajole him or persuade him.

He finally went passed her and jumped in the back of the car she had opened for him.

"There is a bag of cloths for you on the back bench", she said and put the car into first.

Linus changed, first into a human, than into cloths.

"What the fuck?" he asked between chattering teeth from the cold and adrenalin.

"Hold on", was all he got for an answer, before Beatrice put the pedal down hard.

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