Dec 8th - Cavernous Bodies and Awkward Silences

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Okay. Here goes. Half past ten at night, writing starts now (and then there are things to do and I simply don't want to, if you believe it or not :-D But well, hanging up stuff from the washing machine, opening up the dishwasher so the water doesn't make spots on the glasses, cleaning away the sleeping bags and stuff my nieces left behind from last night... I want to be a witch like Mrs. Weasley, able to make it all right itself on its own with a glance and a flick of my wand. But sadly enough, the wand I bought in the costume department seems to be not working right. Cheap stuff, I tell you. Well, enough of me whining (yes, please some cheese with my whine!!), and on to the good stuff :-) Enjoy!

Except you are against two guys in one bed. Then I really don't know what you are still doing here. Or just admit you are curious. No one bites here. Come on, just admit to it!

Linus dreamed. The dream wasn't very clear, but it was full of scents and sensations and sex. It felt so good.

He came slowly to on his side, his head resting on an arm not his own, another one of those wrapped tightly around his middle. There was nothing better than to wake up to stellar morning sex. Nothing on earth. At least in Linus's book, that was for sure.

Moaning unashamed, he worked his hips a little to the sultry rhythm the guy had set, loving that his body never had a problem with accepting cock. It was more his mind that was the problem there. And there was just the right amount of lube involved to make it how Linus liked it.

A face was buried in the wild nest that resided currently on the top of his head, making him feel the rumbling little pleasure noises behind him more than that he heard them.

As good as it all was, the sleep had been deep and while taking no break from savouring those decadent feelings, a part of his brain sorted through the last few hours.

Running to the city, meeting a man with gray hair that was much younger than he had thought after following the best scent in the world, having weird and wild sex that evolved around his biology losing its shit and his mind having a temper tantrum and going for its own show.

Ah. And then very tender sleepy sex after the stranger's aggression collapsed like a house of cards. Linus had been so tired himself, he had been barely able to get up to throw out the condom. When he had gotten on this feet with the last thin threads of willpower, he even took a short shower. But no wet hair. His hair took ages to dry and when he used a blowdryer to hasten the process, he had a weird afro-like 'do with nearly straight hair that looked a little too outlandish for his tastes. He only used that special feature of it when theme parties required it. It always guaranteed at least a quarter of the entertainment. And after the shower he had curled up against the stranger with the warm, wolfy scent, that had been so beautiful when the pleasure took him away, his striking dark blue eyes under the black brows, set off by the contrast of the light grey hair, melting and never looking away while he came and came on Linus's cock.

It felt like an indulgence to have the favor returned.

For once, Linus didn't even overthink the bottoming thing. Feeling good like this, his mind was absolutely happy to give up all thinking on how he felt coerced by some weird tick of his biology or if liking to top the most time made it somehow a big thing if he just wanted to bottom sometimes or if that was a part of his "Omega nature", of being the last in the pack.

He was old enough to know that the way of thinking that Omegas were some kind of born to be what they were was something that only survived in very conservative shifter circles and only in big packs, little (and bigger) family based packs not developing the need for a punching bag. It was with the shifters like it was with the pure animal wolves. Omegas only appeared in big packs where lots of wolves without family ties came together.

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