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Game Over [ Countryhumans X Reader ] by SoyaBeanie
Game Over [ Countryhumans X SoyaBeanie
You are a mortal girl with a mortal life you're nothing special, at least you think so. Being able to do something other humans can't, you meet a mysterious figure that...
  • countryxreader
  • germany
  • countryhuman
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Scars (Russia x America) by Manaqueen_Bee
Scars (Russia x America)by Mannequeen_Bee
I can't do descriptions, so read this if you want. Also, I drew the picture (but sorry it's so blurry, idk what happened. I'll probably fix it one day) Best rating right...
  • imlonely
  • russia
  • australia
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An act of true love~ by Trashy3Shipper
An act of true love~by Trashy3Shipper
⚠Warning⚠ This will contain the following: -Self Harm -Cuss words -Physical Abuse -etc. Read at your own risk ~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~ "Everyone makes mis...
  • belarus
  • newzealand
  • australia
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Her story (Britain x France) by Lazy_Vraptor
Her story (Britain x France)by A crazy Australian
France has fallen extremely ill, Britain is Devastated and his sons are worried, Britain talks to some old friends and America who says it would be a good idea to write...
  • francexbritain
  • france
  • america
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Country humans one shots 👀👀 by TicTqc_8aCqKeii
Country humans one shots 👀👀by Ticcy Thiccy
Yes I also like to ship pieces of land together, there are also literally not much of countryhuman one shots so I'm making some lmao There will be: Angst 😔✊ Incest Flu...
  • jamaica
  • martial
  • country
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HUNTED ~ STEVE ROGERS [2] by PrincessofWakanda
Book Two in the Lies Series (Post Winter Soldier fan fiction) "We won't cause any trouble. We're here to lay low. Aren't we Keight?" Tasha gave me a look that...
  • agentsofshield
  • newzealand
  • wattys2019
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NEW ZEALAND by amberiscool333
Just info and memes about my country =) © Book made by me, 2018/2019
  • facts
  • news
  • funny
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A Kiwiana Christmas | Lloyd Garmadon x Reader by 00Fairy-Lights00
A Kiwiana Christmas | Lloyd Rat Girl
"IT'ᔕ ᗩ KIᗯIᗩᑎᗩ ᑕᕼᖇIᔕTᗰᗩᔕ!" So I'm basically trying a writing challenge, the plan is to release one part a day and every part revolves around Christmas but con...
  • garmadon
  • romance
  • lloydgarmadonxreader
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Conflict of Interest by RebeccaLorensAuthor
Conflict of Interestby Rebecca Lorens
When Jackie Prescott's boss forces her to look after the dashing Dominick Tyrell's bank accounts, sparks fly. Jackie knows it would jeopardize her career if she allows D...
  • contemporary
  • romance
  • sytycw15
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First Fence (Pony Jumpers #1) by KateLattey
First Fence (Pony Jumpers #1)by Kate Lattey
Follow the adventures of AJ and her friends as they train and compete their ponies on the National Show Jumping circuit. Whether they have an unschooled pony and tack he...
  • equestrian
  • showjumping
  • pony
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KIWI FRUIT ▹ TOM HOLLAND by -aphrrodites
KIWI FRUIT | ❝ you just kissed spider-man ❞ [ TOM HOLLAND SOCIAL MEDIA ]
  • spidermanhomecoming
  • tomholland
  • homecoming
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Countryhumans Artbook by german_dumbass
Countryhumans Artbookby german_dumbass
Art! I guess.
  • canada
  • southkorea
  • america
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Adopted By Sam and Colby by Book_Nerd70
Adopted By Sam and Colbyby 💙🌊Silver_Ocean🌊💙
You are adopted by Sam and Colby, more like older brothers then parents. Your life at the orphanage is amazing but you finally get adopted. Life comes in one big smack a...
  • devylundy
  • romance
  • juliet
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Blood Rose  by Ompal_Halp
Blood Rose by Ompal
Continue of Happy Pills Lock the doors and hit the lights, shits about to go down. Warnings Death Blood Self harm Mentions of suicide Gay
  • france
  • sucks
  • canada
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CountryHuman OneShots by PotatoKazoo
CountryHuman OneShotsby PotatoKazoo
There will be: Gay stuff Fluff and maybe Countryxreader
  • gerpol
  • japan
  • countryhumans
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Addicted To The Alpha Werewolf Billionaire by LuluTyler
Addicted To The Alpha Werewolf LuluTyler
It's Christmas Time again and this story will publish a new installment ever day! Linus is a cute twink with heavy baggage, just searching for a night of wild sex with a...
  • pack
  • billionaire
  • werewolfbaby
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harrison reid // maxi // bondi rescue by carrot001
harrison reid // maxi // bondi sophie
elyse (22yrs) is the only female lifeguard at bondi beach. she's a committed and dedicated lifeguard and proves to the whole team that not only she can be a lifeguard, b...
  • bondirescue
  • completed
  • braboys
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first sight / jesse pollock / bondi rescue by carrot001
first sight / jesse pollock / sophie
lana (21) and jesse (24) meet at a get together with all the younger lifeguards jesse works with. with jesse being charming and charismatic, he catches the attention of...
  • lifeguards
  • jessepollock
  • nz
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Fated by morganh123niall
Fatedby morganh123niall
A story of a 21 year old muslim girl called Liybha who lives in New Zealand. She is engaged to a business man's son. But her heart and soul has been long claimed by Hami...
  • muslim
  • pakistan
  • spiritual
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Your So Childish // Aidan Gallagher x reader by xxbish_das_lostxx
Your So Childish // Aidan nedyaJ
its in the title..... it's honestly a working progress so pls don't judge...
  • gallagher
  • love
  • aidangallagher
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