Dec 18th - Little Potatoes and Romance Authors

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Dec 18th, you may ask. Lulu, we have March already. Well, there is a next December coming, is what I say, so maybe this will be finished by then for all the people that want to read it day by day in 2019. How knows :-)

Well, obviously I haven't fall off the face of the earth, being it 2019-03-05 or not. Lots have changed in my life and I needed adapting. Do you know the feeling when you think "God, there is so much happening, I don't even know how to stay on top of it all" and then it gets a lot wilder and you think "God, there is so much happening, I don't even know how to stay on top of it all". And then, guess what, it gets wilder again.

That was my time from around mid of December till now. I change departments in one job and started a second one a are doing my studies and it was winter, so everybody in my family rotated being ill and it simply never stopped. Now I slowly find my pace but there is a big paper I have to do till the end of March and I very wont be back in full force yet, but I'm getting into the new swing of things step by step.

One of the steps was to write another chapter of Linus's and Gabe's story. I hope I will get another one out this month.

So... No big drama in my life, I'm happy and healthy, it just was all a bit much and my creativity just went on a little vacation along with most of my free time :-D 

I hope, this chapter finds you all healthy and and happy, too. May the big wave of colds and coughs have passed you by or may you have already braved it!


Disappearing was a magic trick, an illusion and like every good magic trick or illusion, it was hard work with many a part working together.

Odalie was a magician of high rank.

What happened after their narrow escape felt like a dream to Linus. A nightmare. A movie he didn't want to see but couldn't turn off at the same time.

After losing themselves in traffic for a time, Odalie gave them the address of a Thai imbiss in the industrial outskirts of Glasgow. Adrian was instructed to go inside and when he came back with food for all of them, he held an envelope in his hand too.

Money and passports.

For all five of them.

The following days felt like Linus was in the movie he didn't want to watch.

All their original passports got stolen while they flew from Glasgow to Berlin.

"Would you really have destroyed them if I has asked you to?" Odalie asked with no inflection in her tone. Beatrice wouldn't have. Toby neither. Linus was sure. So Odalie had dealt with it from wherever she was situated.

They went by train and by car, flew and stayed mostly in very expensive suites.

"I put you in a hostel and your pictures will end up on social media, even if it is only in the background. No way."

Odalie had spoken. Her word became their law quickly.

There were bags in train stations and deliveries to their rooms with clothes in different styles and glasses with window glass and all kinds of beanies and headwear.

It could have been a big adventure, had they known that in the end everything would be well and if they had known all the parties trying to find them and what their endgame was.

Time went by in unregular increments, days dragging by while they were caged up and sudden moves at all hours of the day and night, only to end up in another gilded cage with no way to burn off the adrenalin.

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