Dec 9th - Cab Rides and Phone Calls

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Haha, today it's only 10:03 and I'm already ready to publish. Weirder things have happened. No Gabriel today but another bout of Linus. More Gabriel promised for tomorrow.

This chapter is dedicated to @quillin. You are an awesome writer and I'm honored you are popping by every now and then!! And FCS, man. That's all I'm saying :-D

And, as always: Yes, this is a gay romance. No, you haven't misinterpreted all the little hashtags up front. So, if you are still reading and repulsed by the whole concept, at least have the courtesy to keep quiet about it. We all have thing for hot guys making out over here. You won't change that. Believe me :-D

When Linus woke the next time, he was alone in bed.

Stretching like a cat albeit being more of a dog person (Linus had lost count how often people looked weird after he answered to the question if he had cats with "I'm more of a dog person myself" only to break down in fits of laughter. It was funny each and every time... He just was kind of a dog himself), relishing in the light soreness in his backside. That was only reserved for nights with two guys, normally, but having it with one hot grayback was totally on the list of things he approved of.

Yeah, he would call the guy 'grayback' for now. Before he got his number and made sure that he was on call for the rest of his winter-time-horniness-marathon. It was almost over anyway. He counted on being back to normal in about a week at the latest.

The shower was going in the bathroom and Linus decided it to be a good idea to try for a quicky before bolting.

Sadly, the door was locked and there was no answer when he knocked. Two times.

Going back to where his clothes were strewn all about, he found his mobile too, having fallen from his jeans pocket.

After seeing the time, he was dressed and out the door quicker than a firetruck. The pack was going on a run in about an hour and while his father didn't care for what he did most of the time, he had to participate in runs if he didn't want to be confronted with dire threats. Threats, that actually came true if he didn't work fast to prevent it.

The calm and easiness he had felt only 10 minutes ago, was gone completely by the time he hailed a cab. The drive to the Beauchamp compound he spent with berading himself for even forgetting to leave a note with his number.

He hadn't even known it was possible for a man to knot another. If he had, he might have invested serious time in finding the right wolf for it. As far as he remembered his mum and dad explaining their biology to him, the knot had actually to do with certain hormones and pheromones that weren't produced by male wolves, as far as he knew. But the finer aspects of biology never made it on his radar. There had been the normal human sex ed he had in school and some exploring when he was in the finding-out stage of his sexuality. His parents had told him that he was to be careful around female shifter friends in committed relationships during their heat, because male wolf-shifters, like their animal brothers, tended to get territorial and jealous during that time, even if they were the most relaxed guys the rest of the year. Their animal parts weren't always that easy to control. It wasn't like Linus had to fear to get ripped to ribbons if his behaviour was conceived as flirtatious, but he was present for more than one brawl or shouting match being held over something stupid like that. Not even protesting that he was gay would do him any good. If the male could scent that the other male was still fertile, pissing matches were often enough the outcome. No literal pissing matches. That only happened on four paws, praise the Lord.

Thinking about all that, he remembered that he hadn't talked to his family in a few days. Better to do it now than after a run, when he had to lick his wounds and sleep of the weariness.

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