A little Head's Up about Whats Waiting for You!

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The start is as always dedicated to you, Dan. Without you, it all wouldn't have started out!

Last year (2016), I had a very funny conversation with my dear friend @DanGarrett about silly titles and the abundance of tropes on Wattpad. The result of making fun of titles was me, writing the Advent Calendar story "My Stepbrother The Firefighter And Our Dog" because 'stepbrother' seems to work every time, men in uniforms are simply hot and, well, aren't we all suckers for puppy content :-)

Sitting here on Dec 25th 2017, I got my tropes and silly titles lined up for the story you are about to read.
Billionaires are a thing, gay Werewolfs are too, and obviously the tag 'mpreg' is trending, meaning male pregnancies in stories.
Well, and the whole 'omega' thing.
Reading about wolfs the last days, I realized that Omega wolfs are something never observed with wild living wolfs. A wolf with a designated spot at the far end of the hierarchy is an occurrence only happening with imprisoned animals. A scapegoat for everything, always last in line, often a scrappy little thing and a punching bag if anybody is in a mood.
Somehow it just clicked this morning and I know that this is going to be the focal point around which the story is going to evolve. I hope, I will be able to make that whole mess into a story you all enjoy :-D


Me, again, this time it's Dec 1st, 2018, 9:27 pm.

I'm tired and my feet hurt. I have a light buzz because after a long day working at the Christmas Market at school, I drank a big water glass full of two fingers of juice and a whole lot of bubbly. 

Fact is that this story is playing with me for nearly a year now, resulting in multiple documents with all in all around 58k words that don't make a story as of now. I don't even know anymore how many times I started over, how often I rewrote some scenes, and how many big fat holes are in what I have. Never before have I had a very good feeling about where things were going EVERY SINGLE TIME I sat down, only to not have it amount to anything coherent. But - afraid be not (I think that's no actual Yoda quote), the only thing I am sure about is that when the crazy Wattpad energy collides with Christmas, we all are going to end up with a story on this profile, come hell or high water.

The only thing that stayed the same over all this time, is my conviction that Linus from "My Stepbrother the Firefighter and Our Dog" is going to be the focus and he is going to have a boyfriend in the end, who is an Alpha Werewolf Billionaire after having to endure lots of things because he is what the pack calls an Omega.

I will shamelessly invent research and academic writing, quote people that never lived and conjure up sources that never where there in the first place. Please don't try to find any of the books I might quote during the story. It's the freedom of not researching but inventing the source that is the most fun of all to me at the moment after long years spend at uni. It's the way I would have loved to write most of my papers, after all ;-)

Chooo! Chooo! goes the crazy story train, inviting you all to come along for a ride, we all won't ever forget!!

This one is for #TeamRyke out there and all the lovely people I met on here over the last year and a half. 

@DanGarrett, @filosofieke, @JaneyJordan, @AlphaSub1987, @ShwetaNandakumar, @Visualdiva, @KaySetonk, @sanmariano, @Fanth, @autumn_muse and all the others I can't remember how to spell because of too much bubbly but love all the same.

A very happy December to us all,


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