Dec 5th - Jekyll and Hide

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Hey guys! I sat down an hour ago to write. The days are long and time is sparse, but there will be an installment every day, come hell or high water. @filosofieke and @ShwetaNandakumar: I promised you a Code Rosè. It went a bit more Purple than expected :-D

If you just stumbled into this story and are still hoping that the heroes are going to find nice women to settle down with... Yeah. Not happening.

Have fun, guys!!

He wanted. He wanted so bad, it hurt.

Gabriel got the man out of the club, into the taxi and instructed the driver to get them to the nearest five star hotel. There was no time to bother with questions like if the linens were really clean. Everything had to be comfortable and ready. The scent filling the fond of the taxi drowned him more and more by the second, making it nearly impossible not to try to get this enticing creature naked in front for the cabbie and everyone.

Unnecessary time was wasted with the formalities of renting a room, but when they were finally in the elevator, Gabriel instinctively held back from touching the beautiful creature beside him. There was no chance they would even make it to the room otherwise.

When they finally got through the door to their room, Gabriel couldn't think about anything anymore but skin, skin, skin.

His hands drove under the fabric and he moaned into the wet heat of mouth tasting so good his head spun. Skin over bones and muscle, a body not formed in the gym but by running through woods on four paws. A body that promised the strength he craved and that he wanted to see beneath him. Breeding this body, mixing their scents, making sure that part of his scent would evaporate from these pores because his child was growing inside this body was his only goal.

Somehow they landed against the wall, powerful legs wrapped around midriff like strangling vines, his hips searching for friction and entrance while his T-shirt was ripped over his head.

Chest to chest, bare skin lighting up in pleasure that stoked his desires even more, Gabriel burrowed his fingers in perfect fur, making it so he could possess that mouth like he would soon possess this whole body.

The hand at his belt didn't even register properly, his mind only on keeping the wriggling man still against the wall. But his hips lost contact and he growled.

His mate would bear his child and wouldn't deny him. The scent said it all. The scent meant readiness to perceive, to carry, to give birth.

Violent shudders wrecked Gabriel's frame when a tight grip wound around his aching length, being relieve and teasing in one. Everything was wet from precome and he could scent his mates precome too. It was impossible because mates couldn't be in heat and smell like salty bitterness of male arousal. It made no sense. It nearly send him too deep into all this craziness to ever return. Because he wanted, wanted, wanted.

And then fingers grabbed the hair on the back of his head, pulling him backward, away from the perfect mouth that was his, his, his.

Suddenly he saw into eyes that were glacier, and storm, and power.

Shaking and breathing so hard his vision blued in at the edges, there was a moment of perfect stillness. Steel flared up those wild eyes and then teeth sunk into the tendons of Gabriel's, making his eyes roll back into his head.

They fell.

Gabriel registered somewhere in the malstrom in his mind that he was lying flat on his back.

The bite wasn't letting up.

He spread his knees as wide as he could.

Pushing, pushing against the body above him to get closer.

This feathery weight on him was all he craved. He wanted that man, feeling him deep inside his own body.

It was the only thought that remained.

"Please", Gabriel heard broken voice whisper. It was his own.


If you are questioning your sanity right now, asking yourself "What? That all doesn't make sense! Did I miss something? Did the author miss something in her haste to throw out a chapter?" Nope. It's all intentional. Bear with me. It's all gonna make sense in the end!!

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