Dec 12th - Beatrice et Odalie

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Hey guys, got home a lot earlier than expected today, so there is already an update for you :-D And for the first time, we have both points of view in on chapter! Say 'yay'! :-D

Tomorrow is the trimester end performance, so I don't have the nerve to produce the second chapter still lacking, but hope you will be patient until Saturday without going up the walls ;-)

Thank you so much for spending your Christmas time with me and my crazy story! Only twelve chapters published and already I have to thank you all for over 300 votes. That's simply amazing and such a great Christmas present in advance for me!

And - there will be some comic relief tomorrow, I promise! Because - another big 'yay' please - this Toby isn't going to stay lost in this story :-D

Hugs to all, even the homophobes reading this and not listening to my warnings, having a bad time and wanting to make hell rain down on me. I told you to just stop reading. It's seriously out of my hands by now...

For a while, they drove real fast and Linus sat in the fond of the car, quiet and completely taken off guard by this turn of events.

His father was planning to auction him off. What on the ever-loving earth did that mean? Was his father into human trafficking? Why the hell would he try to sell Linus but for the reason that he wanted him off his hands? He never gave any indication that he valued Linus's present in his life even a little bit.

When they slowed down a little, Linus climbed over the seats and flopped down in the passenger seat of the older model SUV. Enough room to wiggle to the front.

"Either, you spill, or I'm going to have a full blown panic attack", Linus informed Beatrice calmly. At thirty-five, she looked the distinguished physician from a good home down to her Barbour wellies with a sheep skin trimming. He knew that the trimming was on the extra thick wellie socks and not the wellies themselves. Because he wanted to have them every time he saw them. They looked so warm and he tended to have ice cubes for feet after September 30th.

"We are on our way to the airport, were a friend of mine is going to take his private jet to London, taking us with him. He is a diplomat and we are registered as staff members under false names. The fitting passport is currently the one in your wallet."

"This explanation isn't helping", Linus decided promply. "Because it only proves that this isn't coming to you as an surprise at all. The passport is the give away, by the way", he added. He felt like he just entered one of those stupid thrillers he read every now and then. "What's my new name? Jack Ryan? Jack Reacher? James Bond? Jason Bourne? Jack Bauer? Oh, they all are named JR or JB. You ever noticed that? Huh, I guess I picked up the JB thing in 'Kingsmen. The Secret Service'. Great movie. Never read the comic. Did you read the comic?"

He turned to see Beatrice's face. Being at the end of his rope made his regular bouts of verbal diarrhea harder to handle than normal.

Her face was blank.

"Oh no, you are going to tell me that you will explain later and then the plane will crash shortly after the take off and I will die between wolves. Wait, no that's the plot to 'Grey'. But not the book by the Shades of Grey lady, that made me space out all the time. Weirdly, my eyes moved from line to line and I turned pages but I had seriously no idea what I was reading, most of the time. Was lost in my head, most of the time. No, I mean the film 'Grey' with Liam Neeson in the leading role..."



Beatrice gave him a half smile, her eyes turning back to the road instantly.

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