Dec 4th - Friend and Foe

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When Linus tried later on to remember how they had made it from the bar to an expensive hotel room somewhere in the city, he couldn't. At least not clearly. There was the scent of a taxi lingering in the back of his throat, the noise of car doors slamming and the ding of an elevator still ringing in his ears, and the impression of staring into some kind of light source, but that was all.

What he could remember with brilliant clarity, however, was the full on war raging in his body.

Pliant from a first orgasm, the deep animalistic side of his shifter-wolf was under the spell of the other wolf, vaguely registering that something with the wolf-part of the other man's scent was off, but not caring one bit. Either sweat or seamen, or maybe both, had made their way between his cheeks, making him feel ready to be finally taken after days of not being able to satisfy himself with anything.

But the last years had made him fierce and made him try to withstand every consuming emotion or feeling on instinct. All he craved was to submit? His mind said 'no' with a vengeance.

He had always known that his dad wasn't his father by blood. Linus had adored him anyway and had always been loved dearly in return.

At age fourteen, the biological father that had never had an interest in him, had sent a letter to his mother, asking for permission to meet his son. He offered the whole family a vacation in Canada, where he lived, asking to cover all Linus's travel costs and even making an offer to cover the whole family.

His parents declined that second offer politely, but wanted for Linus to have a chance to learn all about the other side of his heritage and see as much of the world as possible. They had long talks with him and in the end they decided together to go on that adventure.

It had been one of the best summers of his life. He loved his home in Inverness, but the Canadian wilderness was great to explore, as a human as well as shifted into his wolf-form.

Most wolf-shifters lived in packs that weren't much bigger than a family, with the grandparents as Alpha pair that led the pack and all other assorted family.

While on four paws, the Alpha pair had no direct name, but what Linus felt towards them translated best into "wolves who know" or "wise wolves". In human form, they referred to them as Pater and Mater in their function of pack leaders. Many traditions of the wolf-shifters had formed during a time, when Roman senates and Roman emperors had ruled most of the known world.

Ezekiel Beauchamp, Linus's biological father, was Pater of the Toronto pack, a pack that counted nearly a hundred wolves. Pater and Mater of the Toronto pack where people of importance in the world of the shifter-wolves and Linus had been nervous about meeting them and actually being related to the leader of a pack like that.

They had had a spacious cabin for themselves, spending time with the Beauchamp family, going on runs, camping in the woods, eating dinners together in the big house.

Beatrice Beauchamp was eight years older than Linus, but she knew an incredible lot of stories and legends and Linus followed her for the time they were there like a pup. She had been patient with him, but had adapted the nickname his three siblings had given him when he had really been only a pup.

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