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The hell?? You are still reading while hating this story because there a gay guys? At least no sex this chapter. Just weird feelings and relationship panic. Thats's something straight people can relate to, too. So I don't want to hear anything from back there. Not a word.

Gabriel had adjusted to his new habit of constant pacing. It got harder and harder to hold still.

Ten days since he and the man with the best scent in the whole world had parted ways. Three days since he had called Odalie. As always when she was hunting, you wasn't to disturb her. She was calling you, if anything.

And the mobile lay still and dark on the dusty surface of his coffee table.

"Don't you have to be somewhere?" he asked Adrian in passing, counting on his brother's ability to hear what was behind the spoken words and understand. He didn't want him to go or be abrasive. In truth, the was full of anxiety that he was holding his brother back from far more important things than him, losing his mind.

"No", Adrian yawned. "I was waiting. I still am. I can do that everywhere."

Gabriel was of no mind to ask what that meant. Adrian was here and stayed of his own free will. That was all that was important. Needing his little brother that much felt all kinds of wrong, but he knew that he grew even more agitated if Adrian as much as tried to leave the flat.

Because if Adrian left, there was no one he could tell about the things in his head, in his dreams.

There would be no one he could tell about the scent of warm wool and man that had him growling with jealousy.

There would be no one to tell him that history wasn't always going to repeat itself. That he would not kill someone out of a feeling that overwhelmed all conscious thought in him. That he was neither his mother, nor his father.

Fear. Gabriel knew he must reek of it. Because that was the bottom line to all the things crashing through him. Fear he would end up doing something in the name of a kind of love he had learned to fear with his little brother clinging to his back, trying not to step into his parents blood.

This fear had him staying clear of anything that resembled a relationship for the longest part of his life.

And he wasn't accustomed to feeling so much.

That alone had him on edge. Not being able to control that aspect of himself. Feeling the fear and the jealousy without the cold distance he had kept to his emotions for so long. It was just the sense of irony of whatever higher power there was to make him not only feel his own emotions, but snippets of someone else's too.

The compulsion to make it all stop got harder to control by the hour. He had the money. Finding someone to sell him drugs to get out of his own mind would be no problem at all.

It was Adrian's confidence in his ability to hold it together that actually have him the strength to just keep pacing, around and around his flat.

It was in the first hours of the fourth day, that the mobile finally rang.

"Je t'aime", Odalie said when he answered the phone on speaker. "There is never more fun to be had than following questions you needed answers for."

"I love you too, if you have answers for me", Gabriel said, his voice flat, his eyes staring without focus into the nothingness behind the dark windows of his living room.

"There is a camera in a store in Glasgow I have on my screen right now", Odalie said, but it sounded more like she was singing it, so much excitement was in her voice. "It's a life stream, he is still there. I very much hope I will be able to follow him home by CCTV and other means. And you are the third party with an avid interest in his whereabouts out there. One I could identify as being financed by Ezekiel Beauchamp, here in Toronto, his biological father. That the other party exists is something I concluded from no hard evidence, but rumors and hints here and there."

Odalie had been a treasure to him because she never made him wait the moment she had knowledge in her hand. He came in contact with her because he had been the target of one of her missions and she had found the goals of her employer at the time to not aline with her morals, so she had turned her coat.

Odalie Tutout always acted after her own morals. That was the one thing you had to accept about her. There was always a risk in sharing a secret with her. She followed her own star.

"What's his name?" Gabriel asked, his voice barely making it past the sudden tightness in his throat. He was about to have a name to assign his memories as well as all these strange emotions and images in his head to.

There was power in giving things a name. But it was a way to take their mystery away from them too. It made them something you could deal with.

"Linus MacNamara by adoption, Linus Beauchamp by birth", Odalie said in her melodious tone. Her English was near perfect. It was only little moments where you could hear that she was of French origin.


"Am I going to inform you about the fastest way to get to Glasgow right his moment?" Odalie asked with a smirk in her voice.

"You are", Gabriel answered hoarsely.

Adrian was already getting up to pack the most necessary things for both of them.

Twenty-seven minutes later, they left the flat.

Guys, so much is happening right now. I'm going to work two new jobs after Christmas break and everything is topsy turwy (turfy?) at the mo, but in a good way. There are so many grammar and spelling errors. I'm so, so sorry I'm not cleaning up after myself here at the mo. I love you all so much for bearing with me anyways. Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm!

Hugs, Lulu

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