Dec 16th - Death and Beatrice

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So... in my head, this all made sense. Let's see what the reality check brings :-D Passed the 450 votes today. Guys, I'm speechless. This is just insane and makes me so insanely happy :-) Best Christmas present ever that you guys read my humble bumblings. And now... For the first time: Toby's POV.

To homophobes: Male pregnancy is discussed. Don't read. Your brain would melt.

"Well, in the myths of our kind it's always magic that makes it happen", Beatrice started. "Normally the magic of the sun."

"I'm guessing it's not that", Toby said, sounding amused.

"No." Beatrice was obviously very unhappy with being interrupted. Toby grinned to himself. He had no idea why Beatrice was the way she was, but he felt it in his bones that what met the eyes wasn't all by a long shot when it came to this woman.

He promised himself to keep his trap shut like he did when Mrs. MacNamara was talking. There would be enough time to have fun with Beatrice.

"A pregnant male shifter-wolf died in 1917 in Denmark and there was done an extensive post-mortem by Dr. Esben Lundersen..."

"Oookay, lass."

His promise to himself to keep quiet had died a quick death there. One of Toby's hands was covering the ear Linus hadn't pressed against him, the other one was pointing at Beatrice.

"I don't care who did the autopsy, but that is nothing Linus needs to hear about right now."

Was the woman mental? Linus needed all their support and positivity, not stories about others in his state that had died. And no gory details until the kid was well out of his best friend's womb and around twenty-one to thirty years old.

Linus patted his chest soothingly. "She already told me. Everything. Just listen."

That was no consolation. At all.

"She... what?"

Toby maneuvered them until he could look Linus square in the face.

"She told me about three fertile males that were sold in the last hundred years and how all of them died during or shortly after the birth and how only two children survived. And how one took her own life at age twenty-two..."

"Oh my god!" Toby felt like he just had a collision with a brick wall. His glare turned on Beatrice again while tugging Linus savely away under his arm. "I am not liking you a right lot right now", he told her sternly.

"I am crushed", she gave back with a face as blank as marble. Then he saw a fire appear behind that calculated coolness. "He needs to know everything. If we get seperated for whatever reason, he have to be able to give a clear picture of his state if he wants to be saved and wants his child to life too."

Toby sat there silent for a moment. And understood something. This woman was fierce enough to see straight into the eye of the worst possible outcome. She was thinking things through to the bitter end, not even excluding the possibility of her being unable to help. What the hell had he stumbled into here? And in what the bloody hell had Linus stumbled into? Why wasn't he sitting on the couch in his parents home in Inverness, getting round like a stranded whale with his bairn and eating dead animals his mother had cooked and the proud granda-to-be had killed for the little one and his dad?

"I'm listening", he said to Beatrice, suddenly glad that Linus had this cold angle on his site. She probably was the best physician for this situation Linus could hope for, Toby thought wryly. Judged a little to soon, as it seemed.

"During the autopsy they found irregularities at the outside of the rectum, first thinking that it were glands connected to male pregnancies, because these little raises were not only provided with blood through the blood vessels in the outer wall of the rectum but were also provided with blood from surprisingly large blood vessels from the outside. By now we know, that these are small bodies housing one to four ova."

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