Dad !!!!!!

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Lux pov

It's been a month sense my little indecent with the razor. louis didn't have to tell anyone what happened they forms it from me. soon after that the fans kinda just kept to them selves they didn't really give me any hate. but I still get threats from my dad I dream every night that he's coming for me. I don't know why I just have a really bad feeling inside if me. Right now I'm in my room listening to the song that the lads decayed to me in there last tour which I thought was the cutest thing ever until they pulled me up on stage. Any way as I lay there I here BANG !!!! I run down the stairs and there's my dad he shot a bullet into the roof. I stair there in shock with all the boys around me. " Leix your coming with before I shoot your precious little boyfriend" he said a little slurred you could tell he was drunk. as I'm saying good bye I tell louis something. " louis I love and I give him my address but louis he's drunk as we walk out hit him over the head with something as hard as you can then make a run for it. "!!!

He nodded and as we walked out my dad gave me an evil smirk. then all of a suddenly Lois comes over and hits him in the head with a pan and there lie my dad unconscious. I run into loud arms and cry as Harry calls the police. As they arrive my dad slowly awakens to a pair of hand cuffs. As they are walking out they ask me how old I am I tell them and they say that I can't live with them unless someone adopts me. I look sad at them. but then Simon comes into the room and walks up to all the boys and ask them what happened??!! they tell them and just then Simon says " well lux your looking at your new dad I was so so shocked I hugged him. he hugged me back. before my dad left he said " I'll find you and when I do you dead you hear me dead!!!!".

Louis pov

Louis : hey simon can you do me a really big favor

Simon : ya ...... wait what is it

Louis: can you adopt lux

Simon: ....................... 0_0

Louis : plz Simon I'll do any thing I mean anything I can't let her ex ale from me

Simon: ok ok god louis but u have to work extra hard on being on Time !!!!!

Louis pov

I nod my head and the convo ends as he walks up to lux I hear a cry and see them hugging. I laugh. A little knowing how funny she looks and when the police leave me and lux are so drained we just go up to my room and just fall asleep into each other's arms

I know this isn't he best story or chapter but I had homework and I was stressed its hard to think right now. 😘😘😘😘😘

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