The lads help

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( No ones pov )

All of the lad where in the living room. Lux was out looking for a job

Louis: boys I need your help to ask lux to be mine

Harry: I thought I was yours boo bear *fake crying*

Liam: ok well you could........ Um ask over dinner ?

Niall: no we need something OG guys!!!!

Louis: I really think it should be special

Zayn: why don't we do it at the gazebos at the park

Harry:that's a good Idea and we could decorate it with candles

Louis: thanks guys when should we do it though

Liam: this will be perfect for you guys

Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall: OMG were getting them together !!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys I hope you like my story I'm working hard and I'm going to try to post every day promise

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