Why tell me plz i cant loose you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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( Louis pov)

Ok lux do u wanna go public I know it's a lot to ask but I wanna let the world know that I'm with the most beautiful girl in all the world! All she did was nod yes and blushed. I thought to my self how cute she was when she blushed. I then couldn't take it any more! I grabbed her check very softly and stroked he shivered at my touch. I smirked when I saw this. I looked into her eyes and stared down into them I leaned up and pressed my lips up against hers. our lips move in sync. as we where there like that for a while we both had to pull away for air even if neither one of us wanted to. As soon as I pulled away we both herd around of applause . I turned around and saw all the boys sitting there clapping my hands. We soon go out to lunch and we go eat at nadoes. " hey louis" I heard lux whisper in my ear. which sent shivers down my spine. " yes love?" What is this place? as soon as she said that Niall heard and turned around walking fast forward us!!!!!!

( Niall pov )

As I was walking into my favorite place in the world I heard lux ask what is this place? I was so stunned I walked over there and grabbed her hand. such louis sent dagger eyes forward me for doing so. but to be honest I didn't care she has never been to nadoes. she has never been to nadoes or heard of nadoes!!!!!!!!!! this girl was missing out. I pulled her into line and ordered like everything for here. she sat there looking at me t like I WAS THE ONE CRAZY !!!!! We soon get our food and sit down and start to eat. I watched her eat she only ate a little like two bites. but I didn't care I that jut meant more of this delightful food for me !!!!! yayayayayay!!!!!!! as I was eating I heard her Laugh and I looked up at her she was watching me as she laughed. Hey lux why r u laughing ? " I was just wondering how my little leprechaun could eat so much I don't even know any more places u could've stored all the food". She said in between fights of laughter.

Lux pov

Soon after I was done laughing Liam picked up his phone and walked off. He soon came back saying that they had an interview. I nodded my head in understanding that they had to go as I got up out of my seat someone pulled me back down. It was louis he whispered into my ear and said " where do u think ur going love ur going to come with us besides I wanna tell everyone that ur my girl and that ur the only one for me." I looked up at him and kissed him quick so the other boys didn't see. I giggled as he turned red he blushed and u could tell.

(Interview )

And here we have tonight five special Boyd that started from the bottom and worked there way up to the top. ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! she asked them a few questions about me then she looked at louis and winked at him but he chose to ignore it which made me happy. Then he spoke up and looked at lux. Ma'Ma I would like to say something. Sure go ahead. I would love for everyone to enjoy my number one girl friend lux!!! as lux walked out there she became very nervous. she walked right up to Lou and sat on his lap. the interview when on for a little longer. we soon said goodnight to the interviewer and went home.

( Lux pov)

As I got home I felt really happy. but that didn't last long I went on my twitter and people were calling me names. he called me fat ugly you don't deserve to be with louis whore and other mean names. the names went on for weeks and I didn't tell louis but one day my dad found my phone number and texted me. hey were r u it's time u come home I've been waiting for u!!!!! I felt so depressed and grabbed a razor and slashed open my wrist. I knew louis was home but I didn't care. I screamed and cut deeper. louis came and knocked down the door by then I did so much damage to myself the last thing I heard was " why why I can't loose you you r my life plz stay with me"!!!!! After that I blacked up and fell into the darkness.

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