Louis i was wrong Do u still love me

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Louis pov

As I was running after Lucy I knew she was upset , but it wasn't my fault it was that stupid b!tch . I hate seeing Lucy like this! as I ran I finally caught up to her. she cried the minute I touched her and I felt so bad! I love her I don't want to lose her she's my life! she looked at me with sad eyes and said "why"? Lux I didn't mean to I'm telling you to truth she did it on purpose she doesn't us not to be together! Lux you're the only one I want and I want you know that.


I looked up at him when I saw the guilt in his eyes and I knew I couldn't stay mad at him . I mean I'm totally in love with this boy I don't understand why he would hurt me like this. but I know he would never do anything like this to hurt me so I have to trust him! I looked up at him and I asked him why just why would you do this to me I love you Louis I don't want to lose you! After I asked him this I started crying! pretty soon that we spoke to me and he said "Lux your the only one for me I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you like that just trust me it's not what it looks like I have proof to show you"! I looked up at him and soon I felt tired I couldn't hold it anymore i fell asleep against Louis shoulder he just heeled me there I felt his grasp upon my waist he just said "it's okay lux babe I'm here to protect you I would never ever hurt you like that"! and after those words i fell into deep sleep and all that I could hear in my head was I'll protect you and never hurt you.

Louis POV

As I held Lux in my grasps all I wanted to do is hold her and tell her how much I love her! I carried her back to the house and put her in my bed. As she laid there I just sat in the chair next to my bed hoping that she wakes up she'll forgive me !

She's the best thing I have in my life and I can't lose her! I would miss the way she blushed and look down every time I complimented her. or the way when she would have nightmares she would come and snuggle with me close to my chest and I can hear her heartbeat. she's so beautiful and I would miss those beautiful eyes of hers and how they sparkled every time I looked at her. I would also miss that gorgeous laugh of hers! I don't think I would be the same man I am today without her!

Lads POV

When is Louis coming back I'm worried about him said Harry. I don't know me I'm starting get worried too he's been out for a while said Louis! well boys what do you expect Lux thought that thought that he cheated on her said Liam. guys I think we should given them there space and let them talk it out for a while said Niall .

Harry's POV

As he wait for Louis to come back into the house where all worried about him and wondering where he could be! as I sit there and patiently I hear knocking door. I went to their door hoping it was Louis and surprisingly it was louis with sad eyes holding lux as she sleeps in his arms.


As I wake up the boys show me the video from earlier. I cry during it seeing louis in so much pain and soon all the lads left except for louis. I looked at him and said "louis I was wrong do u still love me?"

Louis POV

When she asked me that question I was a little taken back. but I also saw guilt and sorrow in her eyes. God I love her. u looked at her and said "yes with all my heart"!

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