Her dreams

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Lux pov

I've been my own house and all I see is my dad and me. He starts to hit me while I'm on the floor he won't stop until he sees blood and give me evil ! My mom comes in and she joined in with him . I just wish that they would stop! all hey do is beat me! then the door burst open I see louis! my dad walks over to him and punches him hard he falls to he floor. " this is all your fault lux I hate you!" he says with anger. I tear up then I feel a shaking and my bad being called. I wake up and louis is on the bed looking at me with a concerned face . all the others were I the door way with tears in there eyes. " boys can I get a group hug I really need one right now." they nod and come over to my bed and give me a hug ! I was so thankful to have them in my life . They truly are the best thing to have fit now but what if louis does leave me. The lads pull away and as they walk out of my room is ask louis to stay. he nodded his hard and then just comes over and lays down.

Louis pov

As I'm about to walk out of Luxs' room she asked me to stay. as I walk back I go under the covers and lay with her. she was so small compared to me. she was so broken and I'm going to be the one to fix her. I lobster and I want her to know that I would do any thing for her.

Lux: louis?

Louis: ya love ?

Lux: do U live me ?

Louis: yes and I always will !

Lux: well what if one day u decide that I'm not good enough for you and then you just leave me! *sob sob*

Louis: lux I will always love you , you are so special to me I live you with all my heart I wish I could show you how much I love you!

Lux: louis I live don't even leave me !

Louis: love I won't ever leave you , you are my world your the reason for leaving I'm not going any were

She was bout to say something but I cut her off with a kiss. she kissed back and with that we went to bed and this time she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Zayns pov

As I lay in my bed I feel so bad for her. I mean she so afraid to live with confidence . I mean she's like my little sister . why just why would anyone ever done this to her all I wanna do is beat the sh!t out of her dad. as I honk I let sleep take over me and I fall into a deep slumber .

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