Mom !!!!!!!

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(Lux pov )

I came home after talking to louis and the pice of paper he gave I would wait till I was in the safety of my own room . As I walked into the house there was blood every were and my mom was I. A body bag . My dad was on the couch crying his eyes out . He looked up at me with anger and disgust in his eyes I was scared for what would happen when the police would leave. I walked up to a police officer and read his name tag James it read. " hello Mr.James can you please tell me what happened.

(Mr. James pov)

I was looking at a crime seen and a little girl about 17 came up to me and asked what happened . I said " your mom committed suicide she shot her self with the gun right in the head " . I looked at her and tears welled up in her eyes. She when t over the noddy bag and said she forgave her and that she loved her. With that I had tears in my eyes and had to take the body away to make sure it was a suicide.

(Lux pov)

I when up to my mom and told her I forgave her and that I love her. Right after that James came and took her body away from me I let a few tears fall down. I quickly ran up to my room so that my dad could beat me . But it was to late he grabbed my ankle and threw me down the stairs. He then got on top of me and started to beat me. He punched my face and I screamed in pain. He got off and the started to kick my stomach . I kept on screaming till every thing when's black. I woke up and crawled back up to my room and hot a text from Joey she wasn't my friend any more some where along the lines she turned on me and now she called my names I blocked her number so now she can't text me any more. I then took the paper louis gave to me and read it. He there lux I would love to talk to you again here's my number and I would love to meet you at the coffee shop around the corner by the park louis ;) xxxxxx.I texted him saying that I would love to. A few seconds later I got another text from louis it read : Can't wait see you then lux xxxxxxxxx ;) . That night I fell asleep with a smile on my face I haven't smile in like 5 years sense my little sister died. And I seat my alarm clock and when off to sleep and dreamt about louis and how his gray eyes stare into my soul.

(Louis pov)

I got a text that read I would love to from lux. I smiled to my self knowing I would be able to see her beautiful face again even though I just broke up with Ell I think I would get over her quickly . I told her where to meet me at and soon when's off in to peaceful sleep with a smile on my face.I woke up that morning and took a shower got dressed with a striped shirt and red skinny jeans . As I was walking down stairs I tripped over something well more like someone. He looked up at me and said where r u going this early in the morning" . My yes grew wide and tried to run out the door but he grabbed me and pinned me to the floor so I couldn't move.

( Harry's pov)

I woke up because someone tripped over me. I looked up it was louis my boo bear I asked " were are you going this early in the morning" ? His eyes widen and then tried to make a run for the door but it was to late I pinned him to the floor and asked were are you going . He said " I'm going to go meet a girl that I ran into yesterday" . I looked at him and let him go but not without saying " use protection!!!! " . He laughed so hard he almost fell to the floor again. Then he waled out of the house.

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