Meeting the lads

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(Lux pov)

As I got out of Louis's car I walked into a really big flat well it was more like a house. As I was in my thought I was saying: Man I wonder how many people live here? What will they do when they see me? Will they hurt me like my dad did? Why did louis have to ask me to live with him? I mean I'm nothing special. As soon as I find a job I'm out of here I don't want to be a bother to him and any other people who live here! Stupid louis and his charms dam this boy when you look into his eyes you can't say no to him! Man I hate him right now! Then I heard a voice say " no you love me" dam it was louis. I must have been thinking out loud. Then louis told me " love 5 of us live here well now 6 including you. They be nice but loud when they see you and watch out for harry he has a dirty mind I mean very dirty. I smiled at that part. No one will hurt you. I asked you because you needed help and I'm your friend it the least I can do. And yes you are special to me you've been though to much and you don't deserve to go through that alone. Lux and I don't want you to leave you can stay here with me and the boys. And than you I do have the best charms in the world don't i ?. Well then that was the end of that. But before we walked in he gave me a cheekily grin . I blushed and looked down. Then I felt someone grab my chin. I looked up to a got guess pair of gray eyes. He said " don't look away I think you look cute when you blush". That only made me blush a deeper shade of red. He then gave me a chuckle and we went inside.

(Louis's pov)

I went inside with lux and as I entered every eye was in us. Then I was acted by a hug hug and someone yelling BOO BEAR !!!!!!!!! It was harry he made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I then looked at lux she was on the floor laughing as hard as I was. :) I then got up and helped lux . Lux this is Zayn( the shy bad boy), Harry ( the flirt), Niall ( he eats a lot like A LOT !!!!! ), Liam ( he's daddy direction) she smiled really big when I said that like ear to ear big,and save that last for best I'm louis ( the boy with the gorgeous eye that people can't say no to ). After I said that she turned red and hit my shoulder lightly and said " shut up lover boy" -_-. Hey guys? Yay they all said in unison. Is it ok if we have Lux live here with us? They all looked surprised but the nodded yes to us and looked at me and lux with a smug grin on there faces. I looked at them knowing what they were all thinking and turned red. Um ... Lux? "Ya?" Do you want me to show you up to your new room she gave me a small smile and nodded her head yes.

( Lux pov)

As louis waled me to my new room I was wowed. I had a king sized bed a walk in closet my own bathroom and a 60 in flat screen tv and the room was all red. "RED " I practically yelled out. He looked at me with confusion. " Louis I love the room I said red because it my favorite color". He looked at me and said " my favorite color is red to". I soon felt weird about saying this I front of him but I asked any way because I was cold I don't really like ask to borrow things from people but I had to " hey Lou can I borrow a jacket I'm kinda cold in here"?. " Sure thing " he said and winked at me. I swear I turned as red as the room is. He soon came back with a hoody even though I was wearing one it was torn and old. I put on the hoody and said goodnight buy know it was 9:30 man time goes by fast. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and said goodnight to me and with that I fell onto a deep sleep.

(Harry's pov)

I was in the kitchen when I hear the door open. I walked up to it and yelled BOO BEAR!!! He stared laughing so hard when I tackled hi. Into a hug I though he was going to pass out then I heard another laugh from the side of me I looked that way and saw a beautiful girl but she looked like someone had taken a bat to her face.i then got up wondering what had happened to her. Then all the lads came down soon after that. Then louis introduced each one of us saying little things about us like how I'm the flirt and so on. Then we talked for a while. Then out of no were Lou asked if she could stay with us. All of us gave him a smug grin and but nodded our heads in yes because we didn't have any words to speak. Soon after he took her to her new room. And about 5 mins later he came out and said that he was going to go to bed. We all nodded and when he left I asked Liam if he could get the dishes. He nodded and off he went.

( Liam's pov)

As I was picking up the plates I had one left to go it was Lux's. When I went to grab her plate it had almost all he food still on it. She only ate like two bite of her spaghetti . "Harry !!!!!" He cam running in and said" what ? What happened who got hurt?!?!?" I looked at him and said" harry no one got hurt but look lux only ate like two bites of her food and she left every thing there people usually eat all your food ?!? He looked at me and nodded and said to " Liam when your done with that were all going to be up in our rooms ". I nodded and went back to doing the dishes. When I got into my room I fell to sleep almost instantly.

(Zayn's pov)

I was in the room right next to lux. I woke up to hearing her crying and I hot up and knocked on her door. She didn't answer so I walked in to her room. She was twisting and turning inside of her bed and crying. She was saying" Get off of me stop p-please I won't do it again no I hate you please just stop it I'll do anything". I went up to her and shook her and said "lux wake up it's all just a dream" her eyes flutter open and she jumped. I looked at her and she went strait in to my arms and hugged on to me like if it was a matter for dear life. " Lux what's wrong and don't tell me it nothing because I know it's not". She shook her head yes . She started saying: My dad well he was abusive and I had a little sister her name was Sophia and she died at a pool party. My dad soon after that, that's when he baca me abusive and my mom let hi. She didn't do any thing to stop him. And when I was 15 he tried to rape me I kicked him were the sun don't shine and ran out of there. He found me soon after and beat me so bad I had a broken leg,arm,cracked ribs,black eyes,and a busted lip. I had a dream about that day and what happened. Zayn thank you for being there for me. But is louis awake I wanna see him. After she told me that I kissed her head and said that I'll protect her along with the other lads. I then said that I'll get louis for ya and I'll tell him what's up. She shook her head up and down to I decay that it was ok for me to tell him the off I went to go tell louis.

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