How it started

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Hi my name is Lexi but everyone calls me lux. I was 12 year old and we were happy family we when to the park with my little sister a lot. Sophia she was about 7 years old. One day we when to a pool party and I was chilling with my friends. " Lux I'm going to go outside and get something to drink from the chest box " said Sophia. " ok but be careful around the pool you know that you can't swim all that well ok" I said. And with that I went back to talking to my friends . " hey have any of you seen Sophia I'm getting kinda worried " I said. I walk out side and first place I look is the pool and there is my little sister in the pool face down not in a single movement !!!!!! I jumped in and did CPR while someone els called 911. "911 what's your emergency " a lady said on the other line. " yes we have a little girl we think she drowned she fell into the pool and she's no moving her older sister is trying to give her CPR !!!!" ( said my best friend Joey she's a really nice friend ) " ok ok stay calm were sending an ambulance right away " said the lady. " thank you " and with that Joey hung up the phone . The ambulance came shortly after that and they told us sorry but she pd dead she drowned and with a struggle . "Why ? Why her ?" I said into joeys shoulder. And ever sense then my parents have been abusing me and one night my dad came home once and he raped me well at least tried to I got away before he could put it in me !!!!! I kicked him where the sun don't shine and ran out. I'm 17 now and I don't turn 18 till sep 30th :'( !!!!!

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