It will all get better

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Louis pov (sorry my phone is doing something wacky )

As lux and I are siting on the couch watching tv she starts to laugh! I looked down at her and the way she was laying made me love her even more!! Her head was on my chest and her legs were curled up with mine. her hands were inches away from mine ! she looked like a kitten . I love her ! as she sit there laughing I didn't notice her looking up at me . so I said " what's r u doing babe" she blushed a deep red and shook her head to say nothing!..............? then she asked me "what r u doing when u were looking at me MR.Tomlision "? I said to her " I'm just looking at the prettiest girl in the world u know the one that looks like an angel all the time"! then she turns an even deeper shade of red! she to cute. she's like a lost puppy!


As me and louis are on the coach complementing each other and me turning red every time. All I can wonder what if louis didn't save me? What if he threw me back out on the streets? What would I be doing right now? Would I be back in that hell hole or would I still be ok? I didn't a realize that I was crying.

Louis: babe what's the matter

Lux: nothing just thinking

Louis: about what

Lux: well..................... do u really wanna know

Louis: yes

Lux: well I was thinking what if u didn't save me were would I be right now

Louis: babe don't worry I will always be there for you

Louis POV

As she was about to say something I kissed her and it felt like fireworks !! I was about to stop but she kissed me back and we were there for a while! I "pant" love "pant pant " you!! she was the best and once we were done ( done with the kiss u little perves ) I said thing will get better

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