My hero part:2

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As Lou got me calmed down he laid me in his bed. he slept together a lot lately , and I don't want him to leave ! I feel so safe with him. How is it that Lou can always cheer me up in the worst of times he's like my good luck charm. I wouldn't do anything to change my life. he's my everything forever and always!


So maybe tonight wasn't the night that I would propose to her but one I beat the sh!t out if this guy then I'll propose to her ! as I watch her fall asleep in the bed ah looked like an angel! I love her ! I want her to have my kids! I want to share my life with her. I love her forever and always!

Harry POV

As I'm in the room waiting for louis to come back down I think of Lux. Why would any one do this ? she's so sweet she deserves better! I think of her and my little sister! I would do anything for her? anything , anything , yes anything for her I would even die for her! she is the best ! I love her! ( in a brotherly way guys nothing happens )

zayn POV

Why ? lux is such a sweet girl !I don't understand why people try to hurt her! if anything they should want to protect her !

Niall POV

Son of a b!tch

Liam POV

Let me at him


I'll ask her in the morning over a romantic breakfast ! she could use some good news !


I dreamt of Lou and I thought no I know he's my hero!!!! and I love him !

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