Me !

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Before lux wakes up I want to make her a very spatial breakfast for her! I wake up and take a quick shower, and I put on some sweats and no shirt😱😏. I can't cook very well so I go get harry!

Lou: Harry wake up

Harry: no go way

Lou: if u don't get up I'll shave all ur curls when u sleep tonight 😇😇😇😇

Harry: you wouldn't

Lou: don't test me harry

Harry: ok ok I'm up don't get your panties in a twist

Lou: like yours 😏😏😏

Harry: shut up Lou 😑😑😑😑😑😑


I dream about louis and he saved me from an evil monster ! I was the princess and he was the prince. but when he saved me he said that he regretted it ! I reared up and soon I felt something warm dropping down my face. Dam why do I have to be hurt all the time? I don't so anything to anyone all I always do is try to stay out of other peoples ways but I guess that that's not working very well! I felt some one shaking me and them I woke up .


As I walk into the room I see lux in the bed crying! I wonder what's wrong so I shake her to try to wake her ! she wakes up and hugs me. like her life depends on it! well nows the time to ask her so I get down on one knee. And she looks confused at first them she knew what was going In and she smiled.


Lou get down on one knee and pulls out a little a little heart shaped box! It read lux I love forever and always so will u marry me I live you with all my heart and I always will love Lou bear

💘.As I saw this I teared up in no one has ever said or some anything so nice for me ! this is why I'm so madly in love. With Lou ! I couldn't even find word to say so I tackled him and gave him a long kiss and that was my answer and I saw him smile up at me . Then he slipped the 💍on my finger and I smiled the rest of the day from them on . ( hey guys should I write about the wedding or not Bc I'm going by I writ another story that I hope is a lot better than this one so plz leave me some comments saying yes or no ! love you all who read my story ! )

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