Louis where am i ?

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( lads pov)

Louis: why did she do this to her

Harry: I don't know mate it's out of our hands now all we can do is wait till she wakes up

Liam: ya Lou we all know she loves u but when u ask we'll leave

Niall: ya don't worry Lou she's fine now we got her

Louis: NO she's not fine she just tried to kill her self!!!!!! why doesn't she get that I need her I'm on love with her I'm going to give her all the love she can possibly have from me

Liam: Lou we understand I mean that's how I love dani

Niall: Lou that was sweet she is lucky to have someone like u as her boyfriend

( Lou pov )

As the convo ended we just sat there waiting to here the news on how she was doing. I mean I love this girl. she helped me get over EL. I thought that there wasn't anyone else in the world that was more hurt than me. Well that was until I meet lux. she was so broken when I meet her. I have to help heal her she the one that I want to be with for the rest of my life. he long brown hair her beautiful brown eyes drive me insane. I love all the little things about her. My thoughts were interrupted by the doctor. " Mr. Tomlinson?" I stood up and he talked to me. " I'm very sorry sir but we need to get her a blood transfusion she lost to much blood she's o negative she needs it soon or she might die"! no one here was I negligible but me so I told him that I would do it. he took me into a small room and he set up the whole thing for the blood transfusion. the blood soon was coming out of my arm I tried so hard not to look. I just thought about how I'm the one whose going to be in her and save her life. soon enough it was over and they sent me back to the waiting room. as I wait the do for comes back in with a smile " Mr. Tomilison she pulled through Shea wake she would like to see you know. I ran to her room as fast as I could and there she was still beautiful as ever.

( lux pov )

As I was laying there waiting for louis I just missed him. how long was I out for? How r the boys? where is louis? where am I ? as I was thinking I here the door slam open and there was a louis and his cheeks were geared stained and his eyes were puffy. louis come here plz I missed you! he walked over to me and gave me a huge hug. He then looked at me with his gray eyes and kissed me this east the usual soft kiss no this kiss was filled with lust and sorrow. as we pulled me away I asked " where are we" he looked up at me with sad eyes. and said " hour in the hospital you tried to kill your self yesterday and u lost so much blood you needed a blood transfusion and I had to do it. You see that I'm the only one here that has he same type of blood as you I hope you don't mind. I looked up at him and said " louis there is no one I rather be in me than you I love you and I never meant to hurt you". He hugged me once more. just then the doctor vMe into the room with the other boys. they all looked sad but relieved. I hugged them all and we sat there talking then louis came over to me and said " why" ? I looked at him a little confused at first then I figured out what he was talking about. I noticed that the room was empty now and it told him everything. what can I say I didn't like keeping things from him.he gave me one last kiss and the doc came in saying that I could go home but I may not. Enable to walk just yet. I nodded my head yes but louis instead of getting a wheel chair for me he carried me. louis can you put me down I weight like a ton. He looked at me and await " no you don't ur actually really light you need to start to eat more" I looked up at him and gave him a kiss and said " thank you louis for being there for me your he best and I couldn't ask for any one better than you to be my boyfriend." He gave me his Loy smile and kissed my godhead and put me into he car and we went home.

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